Well, tomorrow is my birthday, 35 years old.  I sit here in Starbucks, which i’ve done everyday for the past 2 weeks, looking for jobs online.  I had a great job with CADS, loved it, loved the clients, loved my staff, hated the back office bullshit.  My supervisor said it was because I didn’t like to listen to authority.  My father was a cop for 28 years, I was in the military, and I was a corrections officer.  Listening to authority is not the problem.  I left my awesome well paying job because I don’t like when people get shit on.  When I was hired, I was told that they (HR) wanted me to get rid of four members of the staff that they did not like because they “caused problems”.  So for the first couple of months, I played the dick.. writing these people up for petty shit, because HR was too much of a bitch to do it themselves.

One of my staff members who left on her own only a week prior to me, really had it rough.  I felt bad because my supervisor had me write her up all the time, or consistently watch her to see if she messed up.  It got to the point were even if she did mess up, I wan’t going to write her up.  She was good for the clients, and the clients were good for her.  The CEO is nuts and this is going to be CADS downfall. Someone in building “A” cannot tell people in building “B” how to do something when they only sit their ass in building “A”.  If I was able to do the job that I was hired for, and the other two supervisors were able to do the same, then we would have had that place on lock.  You can’t bitch when someone overdoses when you wont let us strip search them.  Would you rather explain why someone OD in your building or would you rather explain why you strip searched someone and found drugs?

I told HR that I wanted to be a counselor when I was first hired.  “Oh, no problem, you just have to wait six months and when you are off your probation you can put in for it.”  Bullshit.  Six months in and I was told that i didn’t have the education.  The job description stated that one only needs a bachelor’s degree.  I have one, plus I’m working on my masters.  Ironically, HR came up to one of my staff members and told him that he needed to hurry up and get his bachelors so they can make him a counselor.  Talk about a slap in the face.  This isn’t sour grapes or me crying over spilled milk, but the fact that you tell me that I can do something, only to go back on your word is bullshit.

So again, I sit here jobless, worried about money…all cause I don’t kiss ass.

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