6/30/14…part 2

Let’s talk birth control shall we. The old geezers in the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby. Yes, 5 guys who can’t get pregnant voted that family-owned corporations are not required to pay for insurance coverage for contraceptives if doing so conflicts with their religious beliefs. On one hand, I can understand that Hobby Lobby being a Christian company, wants to follow the Christian way. On the other hand, if an employee needs birth control to regulate their cycle, well they’re screwed. So, with HL being the Christian company that it is, I would hope that there are no unwed mothers, or no one that has had premarital sex working there. Personally, I think all companies should pay for birth control. Seriously, why not? It’s sad that some people today think that gays will walk back into the closet, blacks will go to the back of the bus and that the government is for the people. Some of you who are siding with the Supreme Court now, be careful, they could put a hand between your legs.

2 thoughts on “6/30/14…part 2

  1. There are community health care centers that will practically give it away for free. I don’t understand why women don’t take advantage of this…I think more women need to take it…


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