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Another older post i did from another blog back on 7-8-12

I was driving past a group of school students today and it occurred to me how screwed up our society is.  Our generation (X)  is to blame..why?  Lets think about this.   14 years ago i graduated high school.  Our generation started the baggy pants hangin off our ass look.  We had the “gangster” movies, such as Menace to Society, Boyz  in the Hood, Colors, Reservoir Dogs, south central…etc.  NWA was saying ” Fuck the Police”  We heard Ice T scream ” Cop Killer”.  Who, ironically played a cop on NBC.  Ice Cube was  preaching “I didnt even have to use my A-K, Today was a good day”.  Now he stars in Disney movies. Tupac and Snoop said ” aint  nothin but a gangsta party” .  Tupac is dead and Snoop sold out.  Rap music hasn’t changed in the past 14 years….its the same shit just recycled.  You can rap about ass, titties, bitches and what not for only so long. The internet was just getting started.  If we needed to look up something for school we had to go to the library and get a book. There are people i know today who i graduated with that still do drugs…still fuck around.  When is it time to grow up.  Those 9, 10, 11 year olds i saw today are carbon copies of who we were 14 years ago.  Only now its our fault they cant write, read, or talk properly.  Its ask, not ax.  Its there, not thurr.  I know that i don’t always use proper English or that i might use slang in my writings.  But when i am around kids, i do use proper English.  When did our generation get lazy with raising kids?  Growing up, if someones mom came out yelling you knew damn well every one of us was going to get yelled at.  Not today though. Parents think their kids can do no wrong.  Not my baby, he/she knows better.  yada yada yada.  Its like we want the schools to babysit the students but when it comes time for the schools to be the “parent” and discipline the students, all hell brakes loose.  Schools can’t give out Ds or Fs cause it will make the kid feel stupid…no shit, thats the point.  Its letting you know you need to buckle down.  Cant play tag at recess cause you’re not suppose to touch someone without their permission.  All kids get an award in sports even if they lose..cant ruin their self esteem.  All we are doing is setting  our kids up for failure when they reach society and realize they are stupid and they are not always going to get praised for coming in second.  These are the same kids who are going to end up shooting up people.  We need to stop making excuses for this generation.  If they can sit in front of xbox 360 for 8 hours straight with no problems yet their  A.D.D. kicks in during their 8 hours at school, all they are doing is playing you for a fool.    Our country was built on the strength of each generation learning from the prior’s mistakes, and building off of it.  Thant’s not the case anymore.  These kids today are going to be the ones that we are going to have to rely on to care for us when we become seniors.  To be honest, thats scary.


Here’s an old post from July of 2012 that i had on my other blog.

July 9, 2012 by rgonzalesjr
Downloading is not killing the movie and music industry, Viacom, record labels and studios did. Viacom owns/operates 150 stations which includes MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2,BET, etc. Once they stopped playing music videos, people lost track of what was new and what they liked. You could turn on MTV in the 80’s and 90’s for the entire day and have a list of songs that you knew you were going to go out and buy. Now, you turn on MTV and you see this stupid crap I’m watching and dumb ass Teen Mom. As for the record labels, they let artist put out garbage now. Look at Dr. Dre’s Chronic. It is by far one of the greatest rap cd’s every made. Why? Because every song is good. Or we can look at Micheal Jackson’s Thriller album. 80 consecutive weeks on the charts, 37 of those at #1. Every song on that album is a class. Now look at current cd’s. Maybe 14 tracks, with 5 of them being just the artist talking. That leaves 11 songs, where maybe 4 of them are good. Why pay 9.99 for 14 tracks when only 4 of them are decent? For the record labels to say that downloading is making them lose money is b.s. If that was the case, tape recorders, cd burners would be illegal. Whats the difference between me recording a song from the radio and me downloading a song from the pirate bay? Not a damn thing. Radio stations pay a licensing fee to those music labels so they can broadcast the songs. So either way, the companies are getting paid. As for movie studios complaining about people downloading movies, here is a thought…lower the price of tickets. Most of us have a second run movie theater in the area. Why can they charge only $5 which usually includes a small pop and small popcorn? Yet, when I see a movie as soon as it comes out, I’m going to pay about $80-$100 bucks for a family of 4. One way studios can offset the money they are losing is to offer the first run movies on PPV or Netflix. I think families would pay to watch first run movies at home. Honestly, the $80 bucks I would spend at the theater, I would use to order the movies. Movie studios would still get their money and we wouldn’t have to pack the entire family into a car. Just sayin….


Hawkoooo So the other day, my dad and I went to the season home opener for the Chicago Blackhawks.  As I posted prior, I was going to wear my Hawks mask and pancho to the game.  Well the mission was a success.  I was at the red carpet ceremony with people asking to take pics with me.  I wore it during the pregame and ended up on TV.  Throughout the night, people kept coming up to be for pics.  At the end of the game though some dumbass drunk chick came up to me and growled. I was like…wtf are you doing? lol

Of course Im at Starbucks, which is where I usually come to write these post. It’s actually dead for a Monday night.  Granted it’s only 5:20 so I assume people will start to come in from work.  I don’t only come here for Things on My Mind, but also to do school papers.  I get too distracted at home and figured, I can’t look up goofy shit at Starbucks.

You know how there are some things that you just think can’t be played using the race card?  Well our good friend Jesse Jackson has found a way to flip that race card over.  Jesse is that friend who sees you yawning and saying how tired you are, but still doesn’t get that it’s time to go.  He is a disease worse than ebola.  This dumb shit is trying to play the race card due to the role of the hospital in the death of the US first infected Ebola person, Thomas Eric Duncan.  I can’t understand how people today can follow this man’s lead?  He and Al Sharpton need to buy a one way ticket on Malaysia Airline.

How do we stop this dangerous disease?  How about stay the fuck out of Africa!  It’s like freelance journalist who travel to the Middle East and then their families get made at the US when their heads get cut off.  Stay the fuck out of the Middle East.

The dumbshit award doesn’t just go to Jesse Jackson, I’ve got a shiny award ready for President Obama.  Yes, I voted for him twice so I could probably be in the running for that award too, at least i admit it.  Why..or better yet how does he expect 3900 of our troops to be able to go to Liberia and help fight Ebola?  This makes no goddamn sense.  You know who can’t chop my head off…Ebola. Go after ISIS you fucking tool.

I took my nephew to see his first WWE show a few weeks back.  It wasn’t raw or smackdown but a house show which sucks but he didn’t care, he just got to see his favorite wrestler john cena.  It was cool taking him to it because it kind of made me see what it were to feel like if I was able to have a kid.  I remember my dad taking me to my first wrestling event and how excited I was to see Hulk Hogan.  It’s funny to me because that was damn near 30 years ago. Growing up a wrestling fan and seeing Hogan, warrior, Jake the snake, British Bulldog, etc, it was so cool seeing my “heros” in person.   Now here I am, buying my nephew an autographed Cena picture and a Hustle Loyalty and Respect foam hand.  Seeing his face when his hero John Cena came out, was priceless.  I can only think that it was the same feeling my dad had when he saw me look at Hogan for the first time in person.  As a wrestling fan today, I hate John Cena the character, but respect Cena the person for all he does for kids.  It sucks now that I’m older seeing my “heros” pass away at such a young age.  Look at Warrior, only 54 when he died.  Of course the wrestlers I grew up were part of the steroids and drugs period. When Eddie Guerrero passed, it was due to a heart attack, but wrestling fans knew that his heart was weak from drugs.  Back to my nephew, I’m glad he enjoyed it as much as i did seeing his excitement.

PS…Cena you owe me $30.


Today was a chill day.  My wife had some kind of homecoming deal at her school (Western Illinois), so i just stayed home and played NHL 15.  The only serious decision i had to make was whether I was going to go to Mariachis (local mexican restaurant) for lunch.  Well, like a dumbass I settled for Rudy’s Tacos.  Rudy’s is to mexican food what Olive Garden is to italian food.  It is what it is.

So after forcing myself to eat Rudy’s, which taste a lot better at 3am when you’re drunk, I decided to head over to Starbucks.  When i arrived, I was fairly excited to see that only two cars were in the parking lot.  I headed in to see only one person at a table reading a newspaper.  My thought, sweeeet..full wifi for me.  But of course the wifi gods were around the corning laughing at me, because as soon as i sat down, about 7 people came in with there fkn laptops or tablets.  The only thing I could do was try to open a page and watch the little hourglass spin around..and around..and around.

You know what really just irritates me?  When it is freaking cold outside and people come out bundled up, while their kids are in shorts or sandals with no jacket. You ignorant shits, make sure your kids are clothed and warm before yourself.

The school that I work at is a therapeutic school, with kids that are autistic and or have behavioral issues. The ages range from 6 to 16.  When we first opened, I joked about playing Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio as I walk down the hallways.  Anyways, these kids are a product of their environment.  I use that term lightly, because you can always change your way of thinking.  These kids have not only their family name against them,but also the system.  When you are 14 years old, you shouldn’t be tasked with having to raise your two little brothers and be expected to put food on the table.  This kids mother broke his jaw which he had to have wired shut, along with taking his SSI money and using it for drugs.  He is a sophomore that reads at a 3rd grade level, and his math skills are the same.  Unfortunately, this is not an isolated  problem with just one kid. This is happening to children across the United States.  I want to have some hope and think he will be able to overcome and be successful, but I think he might be too far in the system.  Again, I don’t blame these kids, I blame our government. Look at what the Department of Defense spent in FY2014, $501.73 billion..now look where else that could have went and we still could have had 355 billion left over.



On a totally different subject, I wish Slipknot would go back to their IOWA days and bring back the metal that earned them fans..or maggots I should say.  Alright folks, I’m out.

Ps…. Spoiler Alert, Paul Walker dies in the 7th film.