Senioritis has hit me.  With just 5 classes left for my Masters, I’ve hit that “i don’t give a fuck” mentality…not good.  Anyways, now I sit here in Starbucks listening to Slipknot’s The Heretic Anthem (if you’re 555 then I’m 666) while completing a paper for school.  Speaking of Slipknot, I was finally able to see them in concert along with Kings 810 and Korn.

Moline, IL
Moline, IL

Korn fkn killed it, Kings was..eeh.  I couldn’t believe the amount of skinheads or wannabe skinheads that were at the concert.  I suppose that’s to be expected, but I didn’t realize we had so many in our area.  Being a 270lb mexican surrounded buy bald white guys, I kinda stood out.  That’s the great thing about music though, it can bring people from all demographics together.

So while sitting here at Starbucks, there have been a few parents come in with their kids.  The parents are bundled up with coats while the kids are coming in just wearing tshirts.  Mind you it’s 53 degrees and not in the 70s.  I fkn hate when parents don’t care what their kids are wearing.  I don’t have kids, but if i did, little jimmy wouldn’t be wearing fkn shorts in 30 degree weather.

The other thing that pisses me off is when parents give in to their kids or argues with their kids.  I was at Kmart last night, and this little girl around 12 was bitching  cause her mom wanted her to try on some shoes.  The mom was damn near yelling at her to try on the shoes, but the kid kept walking away.  Now I get it…it’s Kmart and i imagine it holds the same stigma now as it did when i was a kid. (Your mom shops at kmart)  Another kid was screaming and screaming LOUD for this damn toy.  Instead of taking the kid to the restroom and laying down the law, this mom said “uuugh, fine here just take it”.  I literally looked like Kat Williams in this pic and said “that bitch, is why it’s not your kids fault he is a brat.”kattwilliams

I know people will say that I can’t complain since I don’t have kids and I don’t know how hard it is to be a parent.  Believe me, I do understand that..however i’m not a mechanic but I still know you should get your oil changed around 3000 miles.

Let’s talk about Black Friday for a minute. This year BF was bullshit.  First off, shitty ass Directv took $200 from my account due to their system screwing up, so i as out that money.  Second, where in the hell were the savings?  The funny part is some people really thought they were getting a deal due to word play.  Example…1 candle is $10.  But today for BF you can get 2 candles for $30 with a $10 mail in coupon.  lol wtf?  Or, buy 2 games get 1 free…that’s awesome till you see the games are like 5 years old lol.  Another thing is when Wallyworld has a line for items and bitchass people want to sneak up to the front of the line with only a few minutes left.  I had that happen when I was in line over an hour for the xbox 360 $99 deal for my niece.  About 2 minutes before they released them, a group of 6 came to the front of the line, but not actually in the line.  Anyways, they slowly started to try to cut.  People around me were complaining under their breaths about “I dont know why the sales person doesn’t say anything, they see them”, “This is bullshit”, “I waited and if I don’t get one….”  Whereas my big mouth yells out “YALL NEED TO TIGHTEN UP THIS MOTHERFUCKIN LINE AND NOT LET THESE MOTHERFUCKERS CUT”.  The lady behind me said “thank you so much for saying something…I was going to but-” But nothing lady, you would have just bitched about not getting one and went about your night.  It’s funny how white people don’t want to say anything about a black person cutting in line.  Me, I don’t care if you’re white, black, green, or purple.  You cut in front of me and my $99 xbox 360, you bout to get dealt with.

I love my job, but i love money even more.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this with the current amount I’m making.  I made about $8000 more when I worked at CADS.  Granted I don’t deal with as much bs as I did there but damn $8000 is a lot.  The best thing about working at my job is dealing with the kids.  Being able to show them some kind of guidance is rewarding.  With that being said though,  money pays the bills.

….how bout that Bill Cosby


First things first…Cutler is a fkn idiot and needs to go. The Bears shouldn’t be this bad with all the good players on this team.

For some reason i think about death.  I mean, not really how I’ll die, but my funeral.  I guess it’s just planning ahead.  I’ve told my wife that I want to be cremated, with part of my ashes spread in alamogordo and the other part kept for her.  Of course though, she wasn’t going for it.  I then told her to have my ashes added to some tattoo ink and get a small tattoo in remembrance of me. Nope.  So then I said fk it, donate my body to the Body Farm.  The problem with that though is that is, it’s expensive to ship my ass from here to Tennessee.  I don’t really want a casket. I don’t see the point of paying all that money just to look good before you rot.  I’m going to get a military funeral since I’m a veteran and of course my wife will get the flag, but after that, just throw my body to the wolves.

The funny thing is, even though I don’t want an actual funeral, I do want music played.  I already have songs picked out.  1) I’ll fly with you by Gigi D’agostino 2)Broken Wings by Mister Mister 3) Father Figure by George Michael 4) My Way by Frank Sinatra 5)Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and 6) My Immortal by Evanescence 7)Slippin by DMX 8) Celebration by Cool and the Gang.  I know you’re probably thinking ..why?  Each one of these songs has a special meaning to me which i won’t get into right now.

I know it’s crazy, but I also told my wife that if I do have to have a true funeral, I want my tattoos cut off and put in a case with formaldehyde to be put on display.  Again, like the songs, each tattoo tells a story.  Now, you and I both know that my wife wouldn’t do that, but I still think that would be pretty cool.  Plus, I spent a lot of money on them, why not show them off in frames?

Did i mention how much Cutler sucks balls.

Veterans Day is coming up and I think that all veterans should get a mandatory paid day off on that day.  When I say veteran, I’m not talking about all military men or women.  Only those that have been TDY or who are out of the service.  If you’re in the military and haven’t left the states, then really you’re not a veteran of anything.  I know some won’t agree with that but hey..whatever.


It has been a little bit since i’ve written on here.  I want to try to do it every other day, but for some reason or another I don’t have time.  Along with my regular job, I now have a part time job.  So between two jobs, school and my wife, my time is crazy.

When my uncle passed away a few years ago I made a little tribute movie about him for my family and put it on Youtube. For some reason I started to think about him today to the point i had tears in my eyes.  I went to the youtube channel to watch the video and wouldn’t you know it, those ignorant fucks deleted it due to copyright terms.  This copyright shit is a joke.  Why would you want to block someone who was using your music where there would be no financial gains.  I look at it as free advertisement.  Anyways, I do have the video still on my home computer so i’ll just reupload it again.  So, since I can’t watch the movie, I’ll just play my Santana cd which was most of the video soundtrack anyways.

It’s kind of weird how when you lose someone, they pop in your head at the most random of times.  I wouldn’t say we were close as in we saw each other everyday, but we were family.  He was an alcoholic since I was a kid and I remember when I was younger when he would hold me or come up to me and all you smelled was beer.   I’d like to say he was a sober drunk.  He was there for family, he went to work, he was there for his grandchildren, but goddamn it he just couldn’t put down the beer.

Perhaps that’s why I think about him more now than when he was alive…you always figure that that someone is just a call or small drive away.  So while he laid in the hospital bed, unresponsive, you think of the woulda coulda shoulda’s in life.  We shoulda got him help sooner, I coulda been a better nephew. But that’s all it is…woulda coulda shoulda.

On a change of subject, I’m going to two blackhawks games next weekend.  One is in detroit,while the other is in Chicago.  Talk about a hell of a drive just to see a hockey game.  Today I’m going to give my dad his christmas present early.  He already knows what it is, but owell lol