1.  S’mores frappaccino from starbucks is awesome. Although for a diabetic such as myself, it’s a headache in a cup.  I had an interview an hour ago, went fine.  Everything went well and seemed like an a great place except one thing, the pay. The location is a big plus though, only 2 minutes from where i live.

2.  Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather sucked.  Mayweather is a bitch.  He is not a fighter, he is a runner and a hugger.  You can not watch that fight and seriously give it to Floyd.  Manny was the aggressor while Floyd ran around the ring.  The guy is 48-0 and claims to be the best, even though Julio Cesar Chavez was 87-0.  Again, Manny is a bitch.

3.  I miss photography.  I think i miss editing photos more to be honest.  A friend of mine wants me to do her engagement pictures for her this July so that’s awesomesauce.

4.  Do you guys think people graduating with with a degree today are just as smart as those who did it before the internet?  I mean, you can basically find your entire class assignments with answers on the internet.

5.  My little niece, who is a wrestler, listens to DMX before her events to pump her up.  I gave her a ride home from school and we listened to DMX in the car.  Hearing a preteen sing DMX while trying not to say the cuss words is hilarious.  I told her you can sing the song right if you’re in the car with uncle robert.  Obviously, she needs to watch her mouth when in public though.