Oscars 2016

Not even 5 minutes in and already tired of hearing about this bullshit white oscar controversy.  I understand that there may be some who say that there are not enough black nominees.  That’s fine to have your views on that.  But to say that the Academy must nominate people of color, kind of puts the whole “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” thing out the window.  If studios stop green lighting stupid movies like this, 

and start releasing movies that show how good black (minority) actors can be, then perhaps the Acadamy would be more willing to nominate them.

Chris Rock is comedy. I like his take on the whole white oscar situation.  He’s right, not everything is racist and not everything is sexist.

Charlize Theron is so gorgeous.  She could walk out covered in dog shit and still look amazing.

I love Stacey Dash.  She is the kind of person who could give two shits on what you think of her and her views and I love it.  I can’t believe how old she was when she was in Clueless, she’s now actually 50 (or close to it). 64825




Priyanka Chopra…i’d suck a fart out of her ass. Not a fan on her voice though.

You know, the Oscars is three hours long. I think they could shave off an hour if they didn’t include the makeup, audio, storyboards, etc.

I’m still cracking up that Stallone was nominated for an Oscar and Michael B. Jordan wasn’t.  I mean, I understand it’s only for best supporting actor but come on.

Lady Gaga could sing over a trash compactor and make it sound amazing.  She has such a beautiful voice.

Finally Leo got his award.  Took a damn bear to get it.

266 lbs

266lbs.  That’s how much i weigh after this damn flu/cold that kicked my ass since Thursday night.  Not bad, being that i was just weighing in at 278lbs. I hate being sick.  Not so much the congestion and coughing, but because of my back being bad, every time i sneeze, my body locks up and im in so much pain. Seriously, my body going into paralyze mode for about four secs after the sneeze.  My bs VA doctors say its due to my muscles and tendons being tight. Anyways, it’s not fun.  Now my wifey is sick, poor girl.  She tries to take care of me and now she is fighting this crap.

Today’s classic movie of the day is Garbage Pail Kids. 



Music to my ears…

First let me start by saying that I tried Tumblr’s blog and my god it was confusing. I’ll just stick to this.

Do you have a song that you can listen to non stop?  Do you have a song that can instantly put a smile on your face?  Do you have a song that as soon as you hear the first note, it brings a tear to your eye?  What about a song that you want played for your funeral?  Ok that last question is kind of weird but people choose their funeral song more often than you may think.

Non stop- 

  I’ll fly with you by Gigi D’Agostino.  This has to be one of my favorite songs.  It brings me right back to my days in the service.

Put a smile on my face- 

  Part time lover by Stevie Wonder. Something about this song just puts a smile on my face.  As soon as the first note hits, I remember visiting my mom in Arizona.

Brings a tear- 

 When my parents got divorced I remember my mom telling me that we’d be under the same bright star.

Funeral song (im dead serious on this one..no pun intended)- 

 I’ve loved this damn song since i could first remember hearing it sampled by Jay Z.

Made you look!

Today sucks balls.  I have that “i don’t give a shit” attitude right now and I know that’s not good.

First issue of the day, let’s talk about school.  I have one class left for my masters degree.  Guess who ran out of financial aid money?  This guy.  So not only do I have to pay uncle sam back for this bs degree, but now i have to pay out of pocket for my last class.  I damn near begged my school for a scholarship, but they weren’t having it.  Basically it’s shit in one hand, wish in the other.  I have no idea what i’m going to do with this degree other than hang the paper on the wall next to my bachelors.

So here I am, creating a  gofundme account for $1700 bucks to help pay for my last term and not a single donation.  (Mind you, i’m not working right now and only get my military disability as income, and i deleted that go fund me account).  Yet, this arrogant fuck, Kanye West can whine that he is $53 million in debt and some ass tard sets him up a go fund me and it reached a little over $8000 as of this writing.  Society has their priorities fucked.

comfort_Rheem_BillboardSpeaking of school, for my class I just had, I had to make a bullshit marketing billboard that dealt with suicide awareness and come up with a name for it. I felt this assignment was a joke, so i treated it as such.




Second issue of the day is the damn TSA. I’m still waiting on a response from them on if I’ll be able to move on to the next step of the job qualifications.  They had to put my medical on hold due to my diabetes.  They said i had to get a pass from my doctor saying that i was in ok health with diabetes.  My doctor passed me and now i’ve been waiting for a month to find out the results from TSA.  I understand that with it being a federal job, it’s going to be hurry up and wait like the military was.

Third issue of the day.  I spoke to my dad again yesterday about the possibility of moving to TX.  He said “well son, you have to do what you have to do”.  That’s the problem, if i did what i had to do, I would have robbed a fkn bank already…can’t pay the bills with monopoly money.  As much as i talk about wanting to move to TX, the big problem I have is that I have so many relatives that are getting up there in age, I don’t want to get a phone call saying one passed, then having to come up with funds to fly back here.  This leads me to my fourth issue of the day.

Fourth issue of the day.  Death is inevitable. I was at my aunt’s house last night where my grandparents live.  While there, my grandpa said something to my aunt that really struck a chord with me.  I won’t say what is was, but it further cemented the truth that people are only here for certain amout of time…then poof you’re gone.  It would be nice to have people in your life forever, but physically it’s not possible.  Of course you can be hooked up to a machine and let it live for you,but it’s just a body, not a person.  Its funny that here i am worried about how I or my family is going to be when other people in our family passes, when after I write this blog, I could get into a head on collision and….



And the Grammy goes to…

Well another year of the Grammy’s passed us by last night and really, it wasn’t that great. Here are just a few of my opinions on what was a mediocre Grammy’s.

For starters, LL Cool J could host a funeral and it would be fun. Seems like he’s becoming the Billy Crystal of the Grammys. This is his fifth year in a row hosting, and although he does a great job, I think a fresh host is needed.

The Weeknd held his own, even with Lauryn Hill not showing up. Actually she did show up, but her dumb ass was too late to get on stage. That has to suck. Here you are rehearsing with someone for your songs and they end up not making it in time. Still cracks me up hearing kids sing “Can’t feel my face” when the damn song is about cocaine.

One of the great things about the Grammy’s is that it opens you up to artist that you would not normally listen to. In this case for me, it was Alabama Shakes and Tori Kelly. It’s nice to hear music again that’s not over saturated with autotune and gibberish. Yes, I said gibberish. Tori Kelly looks like a young Faith Hill. The one thing I can appreciate with Alabama Shakes is the use of instruments. I think we need to bring music arts back into the schools. Have kids learn something other than computers.

The small tribute to Lionel Richie kind of pissed me off. You really only needed three people for that tribute, they are Demi Lovato, John Legend, and Lionel Richie. Really, what the hell does Meghan Trainor have in common with Lionel Richie? I know this is out of line, but i’d seriously eat Demi Lovato’s ass and drink her bath water. She is so damn fine.  And why does Luke Bryan look like Chandler from Friends?


I love me some Adele. I wasn’t a fan though of the damn piano mic falling inside the piano and making that loud clicking noise. I wish she would had just told the piano player to stop and just did it acapella. God knows she could have pulled it off.

Without question we all knew the Grammy’s would pay tribute to David Bowie and I was excited when I heard Gaga would be doing the honor. Here’s the thing, although she did a good job, I don’t think she killed it. It felt too rushed. Personally, i would have loved to see her paired with Adam Lambert. This would give her time to catch her breath and really put full effort into it. 

  Also i would have liked Jessica Lange to have done a small part of Life on Mars.  

And now on to Kendrick Lamar. Lamar is a poetic genius, the Tupac of this generation if you will. As for his performance, he made Beyonce’s “controversial” Super Bowl act look like an elementary talent show. Although i don’t agree with the whole black vs white shit that seems to be “hot” right now, I have to give the guy credit for creativity. As soon as I saw him and the others in chains all I could think was “Lamar bout to have a kanye moment and he won’t be invited back next year”.

All in all the Grammy’s was just too watered down for my liking.

We interrupt this program….

Originally written in 2012, updated 2016.

I was driving past a group of school students today and it occurred to me how screwed up our society is.  Our generation (X)  is to blame..why?  Lets think about this.   18 years ago i graduated high school.  Our generation started the baggy pants hangin off our ass look.  We had the “gangster” movies, such as Menace to Society, Boyz  in the Hood, Colors, Reservoir Dogs, south central…etc.  NWA was saying ” Fuck the Police”  We heard Ice T scream ” Cop Killer”, who ironically played a cop on NBC.  Ice Cube was  preaching “I didn’t even have to use my A-K, Today was a good day”.  Now he stars in Disney movies. Tupac and Snoop said ” ain’t  nothin but a gangsta party”.  Tupac is dead and Snoop doesn’t really do much of anything.

Rap music hasn’t changed in the past 18 years….it’s the same shit just recycled.  You can rap about ass, titties, bitches and what not for only so long.  Music today is garbage.  Freddie Mercury wrote “Bohemian Rhapsody” by himself.  Then you look at “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce and it list Adidja Palmer, Beyoncé Knowles, David Taylor, Nick van de Wall, Shea Taylor,Terius Nash and Wesley Pentz as co-writers.  Why the hell does it take 7 people to write a 4 minute song?

When I was in Junior High, the internet was just getting started. Of course, not the internet of today.  No social media. No music downloads.  No buying things online.  If we needed to look up something for school we had to go to the library and get a book.  We didn’t have Google to answer every question for us.  Kids today wouldn’t know how to use an index, or what it’s like to use a paper bag as a book cover.

Those 9, 10, 11 year olds i saw today are carbon copies of who we were 18 years ago.  Only now it’s our fault they can’t write, read, or talk properly.  I know that i don’t always use proper English or that i might use slang in my writings,  but when i am around kids, i do try to use proper English.  When did our generation get lazy with raising kids?  Growing up, if someone’s mom came out yelling you knew damn well every one of us was going to get yelled at.  That’s not the case today though. The government has put the power in the kids hands, however some parents think their kids can do no wrong.  “Not my baby, he/she knows better”.  yada yada yada.  It’s like we want the schools to babysit the students but when it comes time for the schools to be the “parent” and discipline the students, all hell breaks loose.  We are seeing this now with the entitlement generation.  Instead of laughing at how the prior generations did things, they are trying to change our history so they don’t get offended.  Schools can’t give out Ds or Fs because it will make the kid feel stupid…no shit, that’s the point.  It’s letting you know you need to buckle down.  Can’t play tag at recess because you’re not suppose to touch someone without their permission.  All kids get an award in sports even if they lose, can’t ruin their self esteem. Just yesterday I read a story on how you are not supposed to make your child hug a family member if they don’t want to, because it sends them a message that it’s ok for someone to touch them even if they don’t like it.  Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.  If I see my nieces or nephews come in the house without giving my parents a kiss or hug hello,  I yell at them.   It’s called respecting your elders.

All we are doing is setting our kids up for failure when they reach society and realize they are stupid and they are not always going to get praised for coming in second.  These are the same kids who are going to end up shooting up people because they didn’t get their way and they can’t handle the pressure or rejection.

As for the current Entitlement generation, we need to stop allowing them to change history.  Here’s the thing though, we made them who they are. We gave in to them, when really a simple no would have worked.  Now you have a bunch of young adults who want everything for free or want things exactly how they want it, with no chance of a compromise.   This is one reason why Bernie Sanders is so popular with the youth.  They want free college and $15 minimum wage, and they don’t care that you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  They don’t understand that Peter is going to go broke one day because you sucked his wallet dry.

Our country was built on the strength of each generation learning from the prior’s mistakes, and building off of it.  That’s not the case anymore.  These kids today are going to be the ones that we are going to have to rely on to care for us when we become seniors.  To be honest, that’s scary.

Let’s talk about wrestling.

Let’s talk about wrestling shall we?  I’m not talking about the WWE or crappy TNA, Im talking about Folk Style Wrestling.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan, or at least wasn’t a fan.  That kind of change this last Sunday when I went to my niece’s wrestling match.  No that wasn’t a typo, I did write niece (two of them actually).

I will say that i still have no idea how the scoring is done.  When i was watching it, i noticed during certain times the refs hand would go up to reward the person with points.  What was confusing, was how the hell they came up with those points.  I mean, I see a point being awarded for one move, but not for another that looks like the same move prior.


Back to my nieces.  So when their parents first said they were going to wrestle, it was like ok, their dad is trying to relive his wrestling days through them. But as time has passed, you see that wrestling is something that I think they really enjoy.  I believe that it has taught them patience, self discipline, and confidence. Of course, being able to defend yourself is a plus too.

I won’t sit here and say that i’ve gone to every meet, actually i’ve only been to two out of the hundreds they’ve had.  It’s not that I don’t like watching them, it’s just that sitting in the stand for three hours gives me a sore ass lol. Sunday was kind of different though.    This event was for invitation for State. What i watched was hundreds of kids pour their heart out on a mat. Seeing some of these kids crying after giving it their all and still losing was kind of sad.  One of my nieces didn’t qualify and seeing her upset was not fun. But I also know that she will pick herself up and press on.

20160207_091559One thing that amazed me was how in the zone they were before their match.  My niece Syd said that she was listening to Linkin Park’s Fort Minor as her pump up song.  She had listened to Eminem but she said that he was “so last year”. I just laughed and said yeah, he’s been so 16 years ago.

Although only one made it to State, I am proud of both of them.

Per the National Wrestling Coaches Association, ” since 1994, the number of women who wrestle in high school has grown from 804 to over 11,496″.   So in a sport that has traditionally been all male, little girls don’t have to stand on the outside of the matt cheering, they can be the ones getting cheered.

Here’s my niece Syd in here match, which she won-

A little of this, A little of that.

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Some people have asked me about Texas and why I say “I’m coming home”.  No, I’m not from Texas, I’m from God’s wasteland called Iowa.  I did live in Texas for a little less then a year.  I ended up living in New Mexico during my time in the Air Force. Being gone those four years, showed me that the mid west is two years behind everyone else.  I was stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamagordo. For anyone who’s been there, you know that it’s a boring city where you really can’t do shit but have sex, work and do drugs. I love the southwest.  The smell of the air when it’s about to rain.  The smell of the dirt when it’s raining, yes, it’s a thing.  I miss the food and the culture.  It’s where i fell in love with Chico’s Taco’s and Swisha House. I learned that Mike Jones was only a phone call away ( 2813308004).

During my time at Holloman, my boys and I would visit El Paso (specifically the bars) and we would visit Juarez  and go to the Derby for their drink and drown deals.  For those unfamiliar with drink and drown, it’s basically you pay $5 bucks and drink all night for free….and drink we sure did.

The southwest was home, even if it was just for those 4 years.  I passed up orders to Germany because I loved it there.  Well…to be honest, i passed up the orders because my girlfriend at the time was prego and I didn’t want to leave here by herself. But the southwest is where i wanted to raise our family.  Long story short, we ended up not having a child and that’s a whole other story.

My mom had asked me why I came back and not stay in New Mexico or TX, since all i do is complain about being here.   Honestly, I ask myself that question every day.  My wife and I are going back to Tx in a few months to visit an old military friend and who knows, maybe she’ll fall in love with it as much as I did.