Here’s an idea, lets shoot a cop to prove a point!

Do you see how fucking dumb that title sounds?  Is their police brutality?  Yes.  Are their police officer that shouldn’t be officers? Yes.  Are their police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect their community? Yes.  Are their police officers who might use judgement against one demographic vs another? Yes.  We all do, and if you say you don’t, then you’re a goddamn lair.

Here’s the issue that I’m having right now.  My father is a retired deputy, my uncles are officers, I was law enforcement in the military. So I tend to side with law enforcement when the news or public wants to blame officers for using excessive force. Just a day ago, a person named  Alton Sterling was shot by police as they held him down.  One officer screamed that he had a gun. The officer then pulled out his weapon and shot Alton.

So who was at fault?  The two officers or Alton with a gun in his pocket?  Part of me wants to say Alton because all he had to do was comply.  Now this is where some of you will say “So it’s ok to get killed when all you’re doing is selling CDs?”  No, but the officers were called to the scene because someone else felt their life was in danger. Now the other part of me says well damn, you mean to tell me two officers on top of a guy can’t get control of this situation?  Why not use a tazer, some will say.  Reports showed that a tazer was used, but ineffective.

On to Philando Castile who was shot yesterday in his car with his girlfriend and child.

If we listen to the girlfriend, I absolutely believe she is telling the truth.  Although, there is no footage of the actual shooting, when she is recounting the events that led up to the shooting, the officer does not try to challenge the statement. So who’s at fault. As I stated, I don’t know what happened prior to the video, but I have to believe the girlfriend on this one.  I think that the officer may have told the suspect to get his ID and when he did, perhaps the officer then saw the weapon on his hip (guessing that’s where the weapon was) and felt he was in danger and shot him.

This leads me to tonight and Dallas TX.  Four officers were killed  and I think it was 11 injured during a “peaceful” protest.  Having a protest about police brutality and then shooting/killing officers that are there is counterproductive. At the time of this post (11:50pm) the two suspects who did the shootings were still on the lose.  Are they black? Are they white?  Hell, are they purple?

When an officer shoots/kills someone, they are put on administrative leave.  During this time, the powers that be will look over all the evidence and make a decision on if the officer will be charged or not.  A majority of the time, the officer has two things going for him/her.  One, the union and two, the law.  Now, just as some of you asstards have posted on facebook that cops should start being killed, lets see how far that gets you. While you think killing a cop would be justified because you want to go by an eye for an eye, your dumb ass will be catching an attempted murder or murder charge. For what?  Not only have you ruined that officers family’s life, you have also ruined your own.

If you want to stop police brutality or better yet white cops shooting blacks, then why not install in children or young adults that they should become police officers when they grow up and try to help their own community?  With that being said, you and I both know that will not stop the problem today. Are all cops bad? Of course not.  Just as all blacks aren’t criminals. All whites aren’t racist. And all hispanics aren’t illegal.

There is a saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  Or in this case, the pen is mightier than the gun. Peacefully protest protest protest…until you are blue in the face if need be. A million voices together will ring out louder than a gunshot.   Killing a police officer will not bring back these two gentleman nor will it bring back anyone killed by police brutality. People have to start using their head instead of hiding behind a bullet…and that works both ways.