Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light…

So Colin Kaepernick’s name has been all over the news and on my facebook feed for the past few days now.  Let’s start from the beginning shall we?  Preseason game, Colin stays seated during the National Anthem.  Twitter and the media explode.

As a veteran myself, as soon as i hear it being played, i automatically want to stand up, at times even standing at attention.  Why? Because that is what was expected of me during my time in the service, as well as how I was brought up.

Being that Kaepernick is black, I’ve read and heard first hand how this is a Black Lives Matter stint and that he is playing the race card. I don’t think that is the case though.  As much as I hate BLM with a passion, I don’t believe their is a connection.  I believe that he has his values and feelings about certain shit going on in our country and this is his way of expressing them.

“He sure is oppressed making $14 million.” That’s true, but let’s think of it this way.  Let’s say you make $60 grand a year, but complain on how bad you’re being treated at work.  That would be like me saying “well you can’t be treated that bad, you’re still making $60 grand”.  Doesn’t matter how much you make, you are still allowed to complain and voice your opinion. I will say that  I wish he would take that $14 million and donate to some inner city organizations or create some scholarships just to shut people up.

I find it funny how a country that will support Hillary’s mischievous ways and Trump’s mouth, will all of a sudden lose their collective shit over someone not standing for our anthem.  A country split by red and blue, coming together to bitch about a 2nd string QB. Don’t mind the murderer’s, rapist, drug abusers, and wife (spouse) beaters that are playing on your team, let’s complain about someone sitting.

I’m no fan of Kaepernick, but what he is doing is showing why America is the land of the free. By not standing during our anthem, he is showing the world the importance of freedom and why being an American is so great.   I think people forget that we all have choices, even though it may not be a popular one.   If people would come together and complain about how terrible our schools are or how people are dying in Chicago every day, or how 22 veterans commit suicide every day, like they are Colin, then perhaps we could solve some of these more important issues.
















Suicide Squad….simple review.

Simple review for Suicide Squad. Like I told a friend of mine, I compare it to a food buffet. You want to fit a lot of food onto your plate, but most of the time the plate just isn’t big enough. Same thing here. I think they tried to cram too much into this movie. Without spoiling it, there were certain parts that just didn’t make sense or just didn’t need to happen.
I do like how they showed the back story of the characters. However, if they are going to go with stand alone films for Harley and Deadshot, do they really need to waste our time with a backstory in this one?
I couldn’t look at Killer Croc without thinking of Jamie Fox. I don’t think it was on purpose but damn he looked like him with scales.
Margot Robbie is awesome as Harley Quinn, but there are two things i would have changed. One is the HQ “accent”. I think she needed to have more of it. Two would be that damn outfit she wore. I would have liked it better had she worn the traditional comic outfit.
Jared Leto as the Joker wasn’t too bad. Just once I want to see William Dafoe play the Joke, he’d kick ass. Back to Leto. His Joker fit in perfectly with this movie. Personally I think Heath’s Joker is the best of all time, but he was also part of a great Dark Knight Trilogy. That being said, Leto’s Joker would not have worked in that one and Heath’s wouldn’t have worked in this one. Some people complained that Batman v Superman was too dark. I think this lead Warner Bro’s to re-shoot a few scenes in SS to try to add some comedy relief. With some of the one liners, you could tell it was forced.
Katana was for shit. She had about 3 lines in the entire movie and two parts with her you see in the commercial weren’t even in the movie.
I’m not a fan of Will Smith, but his take as Deadshot wasn’t too bad. Of course, being the bigger star of the group, he had most of the camera time.
My biggest character complaint had to be Enchantress. Cara Delevingne is hot, there is not doubt about that. But I would have cast Taryn Manning (Doggett, OITNB). The outfit, voice over and overall appearance of Enchantress really disappointed me.
Out of 5 stars, I’d give SS 3 1/2 stars.