Good Lord, Tat wtf?

This morning I set up my equipment at my sisters house so I could record my niece announcing which college she was going to.  Sitting across from me was a young lady who is taking the next step in her life.  Wish she would have chosen a school closer to Chicago (only so my dad and i have a place to stay after the Blackhawks game) but she picked the one that was right for her.  I have watched a little girl grow up to be a beautiful young woman.  The memory I will always have of us is her sitting on my lap as i read her a book.  As I sat there listening to her trying to get her words out, I thought about Chichi and listening to her talking gibberish.  It’s basically listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher, wha wha wha wha wha. It’s kind of funny how my niece can do numerous news interviews for her winning state in wrestling, but can’t get out a college announcement.  So now she will be on a new journey, one that I passed up to go to the military.  I hope that she takes it all in and remembers that life is short.  Make those friends, go to those parties, make stupid choices. But also get the job done.  Get your education, be not only the best female wrestler the school has had, but be the best wrestler period.  And just as I have told my other niece, fuck what other people think, do you.

P1010071.JPG IMG_5078.jpg


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