Wow, it’s been about two months since i’ve been on here.  I am now working again, thankfully.  However I have been sick since last Tuesday and have had to call in twice. I think that we can all agree that twice in a one month period is too much, but i’m damn near dying over here.  I have an upper respiratory infection and have been put on antibiotics.

When i last wrote, I spoke of my wifey and I going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was not too bad except if we were to go again, I would not book the Hilton.  I’ve stayed at the Hilton before, but this place was not up to par.

Thank god hockey starts in about 10 days.  My dad and I are going to the home opener for the Blackhawks.  I’ve never been to a home opener so it should be fun.  We are also going to a game on Nov. 16th along with my bro in law. My dad is trying to convince me to go up to Detroit for the Hawks Redwings game on Nov. 14th.  Which means 6 hours of my dad driving to detroit, staying the night at my uncles, then heading to Chicago early Sunday morning.

So I learned that my ex supervisor that I had at CADS walked out.  Happy for him, they treated him like shit.  When an organization has people resigning or walking out, maybe the board should take a step back and look at upper management.  Also, it has come to my attention that the CEO looks at my blogs here.  Well Sir, you keep running your mouth, expect a Defamation, Libel and Slander lawsuit.  That also pertains to your yes men in HR.

Big ups to Whitney Houston, she’s been clean for over 2 years now.


Why is it that we can go all day with not getting a phone call but as soon as you go to the restroom the damn thing wants to ring? With that being said, I got a call from Family Resource about the job. The message they left just said to call them back which I did but they must have went home. So…now I sit here wondering
if its a go or not. I have another interview next Wed., so I have that going for me I guess. I think it’s time for another Episode of Things On My Mind.
5. WTF is up with people leaving their kids in the car? If your dumb ass can remember your purse or cellphone, then there shouldn’t be a reason to forget your child in the back seat. I don’t even have kids and I still look in the back seat.
4. Wrigley Field. As a lifelong Cubs fan I am tired of hearing about the rooftop owners fighting with the Cubs front office. I love Wrigley but it’s an eyesore. Pick up the team and move them to Rosemont. That could be one of the reasons the Cubs haven’t won the World Series…Wrigley Field is cursed.
3. Kickstarter. WTF? Kickstarter is supposed to be for those who need funding for creative ideas, not potato salad. Zack Brown posted on there that his idea was to make potato salad. As of this posting he has racked in a little over $45,000 with 22 days left. $45,000 at $10 per pledge. Do people pledge to this dumb shit just to be able to say they were a part of it? Would they look twice at the guy/girl on the street corner asking for change?
2. Chicago. Mayor Rahm imadick Emmanuel has asked the military for help in patrolling the streets of Chicago. Why? Well when you have 82 people shot in an 84 hour period during 4th of July holiday, then you have yourself a problem. No wonder people are naming it Chiraq. For the state with the nation’s harshest gun laws, this is a fkn joke. Some will say we need to have even more stricter gun laws, because you know, criminals follow laws. If I wanted to go to Chicago tonight and buy a gun, I’d probably be shown an a la carte…all without having to pass a background check. The only thing I would need is money. We need to release those with bullshit weed and minimal drug charges and start putting those who are distributing these weapons into prison. The thing that scares me is that you don’t have to leave your home to get a gun, now you can just print one with a 3d printer. Can you imagine…shooting someone and then melting the weapon. Crazy.
1. Health. I have told my dad that if I wasn’t with my wifey, I’d probably take the Kurt Cobain route. I had awesome health before I left for Kuwait. That was 13 years ago. Since then, I’ve had so many damn problems with my back, stomach and headaches that I don’t blame people for calling me a hypochondriac. I know the pain is real and that is all that matters. The VA has told me that the symptoms that I have can be generalized as Gulf War Syndrome. Basically, being overseas and inhaling that wonderful air around the burning oil fields was not a good idea. So now I have an appointment with the VA to see if I am going to be added to the GWS registry. We’ll see. With that being said, make sure you thank a Veteran, you never know the kind of shit they had to go through in the service.