9/16/16 Things on my mind

Let’s take it back to the origins of Things on My Mind if I may.

  1. So here are a few things God has let happen in the past month or so.
    • In New Mexico, Michelle Martens purposely gave her 10 year old daughter meth so Michelle’s boyfriend and his friend could  sexually assault/rape the girl. One of the guys strangled and stabbed her during the attack, resulting in her death. If that wasn’t bad enough, one guy had sex with the girl after she was already dead.  They then proceeded to cut up her body.  Now to add to the fuckery of this entire thing, Michelle admitted that this was not the first time she let men do this and that she invited guys over to do it to her daughter, as it was a form of sexual gratification for her.
    • A New Jersey man beat his girlfriend’s 2 year old toddler, telling the boy to “put up his hands” to fight while the couple argued over groceries. The guy was pissed about the type of groceries the lady bought and the boy stepped in to protect his mom.  The guy hit the kid twice in the torso.  Mind you this little kid is 40lbs.  The boy’s head struck the wall and the man hit him again, killing him.
    • I think we’ve all seen the picture of the two adults who overdosed on heroin in the car while a toddler is in the back seat.  Although the two adults were not dead, this kid will have that image sketched in his brain for years.
  2. We have some neighbors that have the cops called on them for what seems like every other week. The boyfriend, who is not on the lease, is abusive and the landlord knows this but hasn’t done a thing about it.  He was arrested again 2 weeks ago for domestic violence and our wonderful court system dropped the charges.  Now if this girl wants to continue letting him beat her ass, that’s on her. I understand the whole love is blind and its hard to leave an abuser thing.  But when you have a baby (not even a year old yet) living there when this shit goes on, you’d think it might be time to move the fuck on.  I have a feeling that one of three things are going to happen.
    • She is going to finally get smart and leave him.
    • He is going to finally snap and kill her.
    • He is going to finally snap and kill her, the baby and himself.
  3. I find it funny that the same people who bitch about Trump using Eminent Domain for his buildings are the same ones who can’t see the problem with the Dakota Pipeline.  Standing Rock Sioux native american’s have every right to complain and protest this pipeline. Originally the pipeline was supposed to have crossed the Missouri River near Bismarck, but was moved in fear that an oil spill would contaminate the capitals drinking water. Well, the same principle applies here.  If there is an oil spill, it will contaminate not only the water but the farming land and the sacred burial grounds of the Sioux people. I think that out of all the people in the US who bitch over inequality and oppression, Native Americans are the least aggressive and have a right to fight this. I mean damn, they were here first.  Do you also notice how they are not looting their neighborhoods or killing/hurting the workers. 100% peaceful protesting.
  4.  Working at the airport today I got to witness my first Honor Flight, and it was amazing. You had a generation of people who did not need a safe room because they are not a bunch of bitches. I laugh at teens or young adults who bitch about how bad the US is and how oppressed certain races are.  Then, they are the first ones who think we should allow certain refugees in here who don’t agree with our lifestyle.  These kids and young adults have no idea how lucky they are to live in a country where you are free to bitch and complain without fear of being killed over it. Personally, this is why i think the draft needs to come back.  Send each military member overseas for a 6 month tour to a hazardous pay country, just so they can see how good they have it when they come back here.


Here’s an idea, lets shoot a cop to prove a point!

Do you see how fucking dumb that title sounds?  Is their police brutality?  Yes.  Are their police officer that shouldn’t be officers? Yes.  Are their police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect their community? Yes.  Are their police officers who might use judgement against one demographic vs another? Yes.  We all do, and if you say you don’t, then you’re a goddamn lair.

Here’s the issue that I’m having right now.  My father is a retired deputy, my uncles are officers, I was law enforcement in the military. So I tend to side with law enforcement when the news or public wants to blame officers for using excessive force. Just a day ago, a person named  Alton Sterling was shot by police as they held him down.  One officer screamed that he had a gun. The officer then pulled out his weapon and shot Alton.

So who was at fault?  The two officers or Alton with a gun in his pocket?  Part of me wants to say Alton because all he had to do was comply.  Now this is where some of you will say “So it’s ok to get killed when all you’re doing is selling CDs?”  No, but the officers were called to the scene because someone else felt their life was in danger. Now the other part of me says well damn, you mean to tell me two officers on top of a guy can’t get control of this situation?  Why not use a tazer, some will say.  Reports showed that a tazer was used, but ineffective.

On to Philando Castile who was shot yesterday in his car with his girlfriend and child.

If we listen to the girlfriend, I absolutely believe she is telling the truth.  Although, there is no footage of the actual shooting, when she is recounting the events that led up to the shooting, the officer does not try to challenge the statement. So who’s at fault. As I stated, I don’t know what happened prior to the video, but I have to believe the girlfriend on this one.  I think that the officer may have told the suspect to get his ID and when he did, perhaps the officer then saw the weapon on his hip (guessing that’s where the weapon was) and felt he was in danger and shot him.

This leads me to tonight and Dallas TX.  Four officers were killed  and I think it was 11 injured during a “peaceful” protest.  Having a protest about police brutality and then shooting/killing officers that are there is counterproductive. At the time of this post (11:50pm) the two suspects who did the shootings were still on the lose.  Are they black? Are they white?  Hell, are they purple?

When an officer shoots/kills someone, they are put on administrative leave.  During this time, the powers that be will look over all the evidence and make a decision on if the officer will be charged or not.  A majority of the time, the officer has two things going for him/her.  One, the union and two, the law.  Now, just as some of you asstards have posted on facebook that cops should start being killed, lets see how far that gets you. While you think killing a cop would be justified because you want to go by an eye for an eye, your dumb ass will be catching an attempted murder or murder charge. For what?  Not only have you ruined that officers family’s life, you have also ruined your own.

If you want to stop police brutality or better yet white cops shooting blacks, then why not install in children or young adults that they should become police officers when they grow up and try to help their own community?  With that being said, you and I both know that will not stop the problem today. Are all cops bad? Of course not.  Just as all blacks aren’t criminals. All whites aren’t racist. And all hispanics aren’t illegal.

There is a saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  Or in this case, the pen is mightier than the gun. Peacefully protest protest protest…until you are blue in the face if need be. A million voices together will ring out louder than a gunshot.   Killing a police officer will not bring back these two gentleman nor will it bring back anyone killed by police brutality. People have to start using their head instead of hiding behind a bullet…and that works both ways.



Well, I went to the doctors last Monday to discuss some issues I’ve been having with my eyes.  For some reason, my vision seems to have gotten a little blurry, especially in my left eye.  The VA had me do some vision test and they took labs.  The eye exam consisted of a pressure test and pics of my eyes.  The pressure test read 26 for my left eye, with a normal reading being 20 or below.  The right eye pressure read at 21. I’m thinking damn, my eyes going to explode. lol  The VA didn’t think it was that big of a deal since the veins in my eyes look normal, so yeah I guess i’ll just have to look like the guy from Total Recall. download Now the awesome part, my labs.  My glucose read at 191 and it’s supposed to be between 65-100.  With that being what it is, my metformin is switched to 1000mg when it was 500mg twice a day.  The thing that got me though, was the comment section stated my diabetes has gotten a little worse.  WTF man?  I don’t drink soda anymore. I eat snacks, but not a ton.  My triglycerides are at 354 mg/dL, supposed to be less than 150.  This one doesn’t really surprise me though being that i weigh about 280.  Well, I guess it’s going to have to be the gym everyday now.  Honestly, the only thing about diabetes that scares me is the losing my sight.  That’s why I was worried about my vision.  I’ll go through the bullshit of losing my leg or feet, but my sight, hell no.

Change of subject…

When my uncle was still alive, we would go metal detecting.  Not as much as I would have liked to, but we were both working so we went when we could.  Anyways, what i’ve noticed when i’ve gone these past two years, I’ll catch myself talking to him.  Asking him where he would search.  He either doesn’t want to help, or he is giving me bad locations cause i haven’t found shit but a few coins.

anonymousA part of me hopes that Anonymous takes down the internet, cellphones and satellite for a few days. I would think that those of us who grew up in the age before cell phones, internet and satellite would be able to survive.  But after thinking about it, I think we are so intertwined in the web, that we wouldn’t be able to handle it either.  I say this because I think that the media is garbage.  Let’s look at the black vs white situation we have going on now.  White cops get attacked by blacks, shoot blacks for attacking them and now its the cops fault.  Yet, you have incidents were blacks are attacking whites and not a damn word is said.  No protest, no riots, no 24 hour CNN coverage.  If you’re going to cover the news, cover all of it.  Don’t make it a black vs white, white vs black thing.  Stop giving cops a bad name when it’s 1% of them that are screwing up.  Same can be said for blacks and other races, 1% can label the whole group.  One bad apple spoils the bunch. Its also hard to prove that the cops have it out for you when your dumb ass goes and shoots at them during a demonstration.  I say just take all the cops out of ferguson and let the citizens fend for themselves, they wont be able to bitch about anything if there are no cops.   I haven’t been shot by any cops lately, probably because I don’t go attacking them.  Just sayin.


2015, one year closer to death.  For the first time in about 13 years, I stayed home.  It was actually nice just sitting there with my wifey, knowing that after the ball dropped, I could go lay in my own bed instead of driving home.  So what’s my new years resolution?  Not a goddamn thing.  Why disappoint myself? I want to lose weight, but I know that doing a resolution isn’t going to shed these pounds.  I want a higher paying job but I know that their are millions of people everyday looking for a job.

Christmas was nice.  I gave my wifey money for after xmas sales,which she took full advantage off.  We went to her parents house along with my sisters and my parents.  My wife bought me a tattoo gift certificate which i’ll be using Jan 7 for this awesome sauce. Clown from slipknot.  10881425_10152924732574326_1621503281_n

On Dec 23rd, I took my dad to the Blackhawks game for his xmas present, surprised him with row 1 seats.  10881876_10152914591809326_6209723402504674191_n As you can see, I wore my Blackhawks Lucha Libre mask.  I get a kick out of people coming up and asking for pics.  It was our first and last time along the glass.  Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome seats, but true fans sit in the 300 section.  Granted, if I win the lottery, you bet your ass i’ll be front row lol.  I got them because I didn’t want to regret not getting them someday.  I mean, my grandpa is 76 years old right now and I wonder if there are things that my dad regrets not being able to do with him now because of his age.  I didn’t want that for me.  So, one day I woke up and told my wifey, I’m getting my dad and I row 1 tickets.  The tickets were crazy expensive but memories are priceless.

I’m sitting here in my usual typing spot, Starbucks.  The girl doing my drink was asking me some questions about my two week vacation, for some reason she remembered. Anyways there was a lady behind me who chimed in about how she is retired and if you are bored, its your own fault.  I was like..bitch, da fuq, nobody was talkin to you. Yes, I said da fuq, which for those unfamiliar with slang is “the fuck”.  Stay in your own lane lady.

Watched the Winter Classic today with my uncle, dad and grandpa.  Hawks lost it via a goal in the last minute.  O’well, can’t win them all.  Plus when you go 1 for 6 on the powerplay, you deserve to lose.  Just shoot the damn puck towards the goal.  Anyone can coach from their couch though.

Do you guys remember the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”?  When the fuck did that get thrown out the window?  There was just another case of a kid who killed himself because he was being called names. My little niece has a mind of her own and i fkn love it, some other kids may think its weird or whatever.  I told her straight up, “if someone calls you a name, tell them to fuck off.  Go ahead, uncle robert will take the blame”.  I told her “don’t be a follower, be a leader”.  It’s true though, kids fell like they have to fit in all the time.  Think about this.  Remember growing up and someone would say “why can’t you be more like (insert name)?”  Look, it’s that shit right there that gives kids the idea that they have to meet a certain guideline on how to act.  Lets look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts daughter, Shiloh.  Kid is 8 years old, wants to be called John and some people are in an uproar over it.  Get the fuck out of here.  If that kid wanted to be called Scooby fucking Doo, who are you to question it?  If people just minded their own goddamn business and stop worrying about what others are doing then maybe we wouldn’t have the problems we have.

Eat a Bowl of Dicks Award goes to … Al Sharpton.  Sharpton has more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his businesses. How in the hell is he not in jail yet?  Does Obama have him on a leash that damn tight.  Plus this dick is a race baiter who got those two officers killed in New York.  The good Lord needs to do right and put Al and Jesse out to pasture.

I was reading a dumb article about how Back to the Future 2 got some things wrong about 2015.  Well no shit, it was a goddamn movie made in 1989.   Another thing is, how are you going to write about what they got wrong in 2015 when we are only a day into 2015.  Save the damn article for 2016.  I don’t blame the writer, I blame the one thinking it was okay to print it.

This 22 year old guy created a website called Skiplagged.com and is now being sued by a few airline companies.  Even bad publicity is good publicity.  This guy did nothing wrong with his site and made no salary/commission from it.  It’s actually a smart idea.  Lets say you live in new york and want to go to Chicago.  The ticket maybe is $700.  However if you put you want to go to Arizona with a layover in chicago, it will cost $550. This site will tell you that there is a layover.  So, just get off in chicago and don’t connect to Arizona.  I mean, its common sense but these guys are pissed about it.

The Stupid Mother Fkr Award goes to… All the parents that complained about this.  playdoh  You know what you saw, a dong.  Know what your kids saw, a fkn play doh dispenser.  Come on people, why must we over sexualize every goddamn thing? No kid opened up this package and thought, “well damn I just got a dildo for xmas”.

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a turntable.  I’ve never owned one, but goddamn does vinyl sound good.  I understand the ease of having a cd or mp3, but it just seems that with vinyl, you hear what is meant to be heard. If that makes sense.  I purchased Slipknot, Dire Straits, Santana, Wu Tang, Outkast, and Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Alright, I’m done for now.  Remember, don’t let a hot date become a due date.


So…it’s 0157 in the morning.  Why am I up? No clue.  Friday at work was a day from hell.  I kind of feel bad for the kids because i know that my correctional officer attitude was kicking in.  I have to remind myself that these kids are here for a reason and we are there because regular school doesn’t help.

I have a lot that I want to type, but my mind is going in different directions.  I guess I’ll start with Mike “Hands up dont shoot” Brown vs Eric “I can’t breath” Garner.  When it comes to Mike, I can’t feel bad for the guy.  If you try to attack a cop..you’re gonna have a bad time.  Plan and simple…if  you don’t wanna get shot, do what the officer says.  Of course you want to think that the officer would have used non lethal alternatives, but I wasn’t in that officers shoes. People now think they are forensic experts and law professors, due to them watching a few episodes of Law & Order SVU or CSI Miami.  I watched ER and Grey’s Anatomy, that doesn’t make me a doctor.  Science proves that Mike Brown attacked that officer, that should be it.  Ironically, had Brown just put his damn hands up in the first place, he’d probably still be here.  Now on to Eric Garner.  Have you ever “choked” on a piece of food and started coughing bad to get it up.  Well then, if you’re breathing enough to cough, you ain’t choking.  Same principle applies here.  Eric kept saying ” I can’t breath”.  If I was that officer, I’d think “if you’re talking, you can breath”. I will say that I do feel bad for Eric, the officer should have taken that saying into consideration and perhaps tried a different position.   The problem that I have right now is that 99% of police officers are good people, but goddamn it, for some reason that 1% can’t get out of the damn spotlight.  Another problem I have is President Obama putting his two cents in.  I understand that being black, he probably feels the pressure to say something. However, let’s talk about the black on black crime we have going on too, not just the white/black crap.  Hell, another part of the problem are the fkn idiots that want to try to provoke an officer, just so they can record their reaction.  Unfortunately in today’s world the cell phone camera is as dangerous as a gun.  I don’t know if it was that my father was a sheriff’s deputy, or my two uncles are officers, or that I was law enforcement in the military but if you don’t listen to an officers orders and are a threat or you try to attack an officer, then you deserve to get your ass shot.

GoldsberryI’m a Bulls fan for life, but this ignorant motherfkr here is on my last nerve.  As you can see, Rose is wearing an “I can’t breath” shirt to support Eric Garner.  What Rose should be wearing is a shirt that says ” I can’t play”.  If I was the GM, I’d fine him close to $100,000 for wearing that.  But of course nobody with power within the Bulls is going to say shit because they don’t want to be viewed as racist.

Racist…I hate the fkn word.  It’s not racist if it’s true, that’s called facts.  People throw that damn word around like it’s a frisbee. One of my students called another student racist and I just look at him and said “you know, you’re generation is wearing that word out like an old pair of shoes”.  He didn’t get it…

Let’s change the subject…got this awesome shirt today.1476064_918408798178524_2416612494481100991_n

Well, I have more to write but I’ll do it tomorrow/today depending on how you look at it.