And the Grammy goes to…

Well another year of the Grammy’s passed us by last night and really, it wasn’t that great. Here are just a few of my opinions on what was a mediocre Grammy’s.

For starters, LL Cool J could host a funeral and it would be fun. Seems like he’s becoming the Billy Crystal of the Grammys. This is his fifth year in a row hosting, and although he does a great job, I think a fresh host is needed.

The Weeknd held his own, even with Lauryn Hill not showing up. Actually she did show up, but her dumb ass was too late to get on stage. That has to suck. Here you are rehearsing with someone for your songs and they end up not making it in time. Still cracks me up hearing kids sing “Can’t feel my face” when the damn song is about cocaine.

One of the great things about the Grammy’s is that it opens you up to artist that you would not normally listen to. In this case for me, it was Alabama Shakes and Tori Kelly. It’s nice to hear music again that’s not over saturated with autotune and gibberish. Yes, I said gibberish. Tori Kelly looks like a young Faith Hill. The one thing I can appreciate with Alabama Shakes is the use of instruments. I think we need to bring music arts back into the schools. Have kids learn something other than computers.

The small tribute to Lionel Richie kind of pissed me off. You really only needed three people for that tribute, they are Demi Lovato, John Legend, and Lionel Richie. Really, what the hell does Meghan Trainor have in common with Lionel Richie? I know this is out of line, but i’d seriously eat Demi Lovato’s ass and drink her bath water. She is so damn fine.  And why does Luke Bryan look like Chandler from Friends?


I love me some Adele. I wasn’t a fan though of the damn piano mic falling inside the piano and making that loud clicking noise. I wish she would had just told the piano player to stop and just did it acapella. God knows she could have pulled it off.

Without question we all knew the Grammy’s would pay tribute to David Bowie and I was excited when I heard Gaga would be doing the honor. Here’s the thing, although she did a good job, I don’t think she killed it. It felt too rushed. Personally, i would have loved to see her paired with Adam Lambert. This would give her time to catch her breath and really put full effort into it. 

  Also i would have liked Jessica Lange to have done a small part of Life on Mars.  

And now on to Kendrick Lamar. Lamar is a poetic genius, the Tupac of this generation if you will. As for his performance, he made Beyonce’s “controversial” Super Bowl act look like an elementary talent show. Although i don’t agree with the whole black vs white shit that seems to be “hot” right now, I have to give the guy credit for creativity. As soon as I saw him and the others in chains all I could think was “Lamar bout to have a kanye moment and he won’t be invited back next year”.

All in all the Grammy’s was just too watered down for my liking.

Ground control to Major Tom

As I was laying in bed late last night/ early this morning, I did my pre sleep ritual of scanning the internet one last time.  I saw that my friend put a quote up by David Bowie, which i thought was kind of unusual being that she’s never quoted Bowie or anyone really for that matter.  Then, as I opened Twitter, I saw the news.  Bowie was gone.  I layed there, honestly, with tears in my eyes.  I have gotten teary eyed only one other time for an artist, and that was Michael Jackson.

I don’t make it a habit of feeling emotional with an artist/actor passes because really there is no connection. You see this person on tv but that’s it.  You could die today and Im sure they wouldn’t shed a tear over you.  Unlike other artist though Bowie, was different.  He didn’t have his business out there like stars of today.  I’m sure if you asked 100 people if they knew that he had cancer, 95 of them would say no.

How, in the days of  the internet where someone can’t shit unless someone knows about it, was he able to keep this illness a secret?  I think that’s what i respect most about him to the end, he didn’t want that publicity or the sorrows of being ill.  I would think he didn’t want to be remembered as the great artist who died from cancer, but the great artist who made you dance and made you sing along to every one of his songs.

The awesome thing about David’s music is that it brought people together from all races and ages.  One thing I will always remember is when I sang “Magic Dance” with one of my 11 year old students.  I was like how the heck do you know that song?  He said that his dad loves David Bowie and that he listens to him too. I would like to think that that is what he would have wanted, to bring people together through music.

The music that he blessed us with always told a story. From Space Oddity, to Changes, to Ziggy Stardust, to Under Pressure to Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby.  Talk about opposites attract..Bowie and Crosby, how in the world could that work, but it did.

Just as Tupac’s last video “I ain’t mad at Cha”foretold his death,  if you watch David’s last video, Lazarus, I think you will notice that he knew death was coming soon.  As for myself, Bowie is not Ziggy Stardust as he might be to my parents, but rather Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth. His acting and his voice brought that character to life.  That’s why the tears formed in my eyes last, because another piece of my childhood died with Bowie.