Well shit…

As I got off work today I got in my car and sped home. Zooming past cars left and right, going through yellow lights as they were turning red. Sweat beads on my forehead drip down to my eyes blurring my vision, while the perspiration under my arms begins to seep through my shirt.

I NEED TO GET HOME NOW, my mind keeps telling me as if someone is in the passenger seat screaming in my ear. I pull into my driveway slowly, but still with a sense of urgency.  I run into my home with my heart beating like a native summoning the rain. I look down, see my girlfriend on the floor with my daughter. AM I TOO LATE as i look down at them.  Nope, they’re just sleeping.

I run towards my bedroom, open the door ever so slightly…and there it is..looking right back at me.  My Gun.  Whew, thank god! I was worried about it walking out of  the house and going on a killing spree.

What a relief.  I mean I keep hearing on the news that guns are to blame for the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.  I kind of have to wonder when my gun is going to grow legs too, like those used the past few days.  I don’t know, maybe Glocks are late bloomers….

Do we see how stupid that story sounds?  MORE GUN LAWS!! MORE GUN RESTRICTIONS!! Yeah, that will help.  Perhaps you can use old Barbara’s “Just Say No” and post it above a picture of a gun. You know, cause that worked so well for the War on Drugs.

Guns are not the issue, it’s the people behind the gun.  I know..I know.  Here comes the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” speech.  Well, yeah. It’s about self accountability. As a diabetic myself, if I die today from drinking a 2 liter of pepsi, does my girlfriend say NO MORE SODA, BAN ALL SODA’s.  No, of course not. She has enough commons sense to say well,  self accountability, Robert knew that soda could kill him.

Same goes for those two people who caused the mass shootings.  They both woke up, put there clothes on, walked out the door and did what they did.  At no time did the weapon used grab either of them and said “lets go kill some people today”

We need to stop blaming the gun/knife/plane/whatever and start putting the blame on the person committing the act.  Gun laws aren’t going to do a damn thing but punish the responsible gun owner like myself.  What we need to do is offer better mental health care. We need to teach our youth that not all blacks are gangsters, not all brown people are illegal and not all whites are racist.  Not all whites are racist?? Believe it or not, most aren’t. But you wouldn’t believe that according to the media.

Self accountability folks, it goes a long way. Stop blaming the guns, stop blaming the President, stop blaming the music, stop blaming the video games…blame the people doing the act.  And for the love of god, stop glorifying it on the news.

Ground control to Major Tom

As I was laying in bed late last night/ early this morning, I did my pre sleep ritual of scanning the internet one last time.  I saw that my friend put a quote up by David Bowie, which i thought was kind of unusual being that she’s never quoted Bowie or anyone really for that matter.  Then, as I opened Twitter, I saw the news.  Bowie was gone.  I layed there, honestly, with tears in my eyes.  I have gotten teary eyed only one other time for an artist, and that was Michael Jackson.

I don’t make it a habit of feeling emotional with an artist/actor passes because really there is no connection. You see this person on tv but that’s it.  You could die today and Im sure they wouldn’t shed a tear over you.  Unlike other artist though Bowie, was different.  He didn’t have his business out there like stars of today.  I’m sure if you asked 100 people if they knew that he had cancer, 95 of them would say no.

How, in the days of  the internet where someone can’t shit unless someone knows about it, was he able to keep this illness a secret?  I think that’s what i respect most about him to the end, he didn’t want that publicity or the sorrows of being ill.  I would think he didn’t want to be remembered as the great artist who died from cancer, but the great artist who made you dance and made you sing along to every one of his songs.

The awesome thing about David’s music is that it brought people together from all races and ages.  One thing I will always remember is when I sang “Magic Dance” with one of my 11 year old students.  I was like how the heck do you know that song?  He said that his dad loves David Bowie and that he listens to him too. I would like to think that that is what he would have wanted, to bring people together through music.

The music that he blessed us with always told a story. From Space Oddity, to Changes, to Ziggy Stardust, to Under Pressure to Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby.  Talk about opposites attract..Bowie and Crosby, how in the world could that work, but it did.

Just as Tupac’s last video “I ain’t mad at Cha”foretold his death,  if you watch David’s last video, Lazarus, I think you will notice that he knew death was coming soon.  As for myself, Bowie is not Ziggy Stardust as he might be to my parents, but rather Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth. His acting and his voice brought that character to life.  That’s why the tears formed in my eyes last, because another piece of my childhood died with Bowie.