I was just reading up on a story about Shemene Cato, 48, who brutally attacked her 9 year old daughter Shalom Guifarro and her 13-year-old sister for two hours before mortally injuring her daughter on Sunday. (Brooklyn mom ignored daughter’s pleas of ‘help me’ after fatal beating: prosecutors, New York Times)

As a parent, how the hell do you ignore cries of “help me” from your child? The 9 year old and her sister were being spanked/punished for a missing tablet. Shalom, ran to her room and hid under the bed. The piece of shit mom lifted the bed to find her and then dropped it, leading to it hitting Shalom in the head, causing internal bleeding.

I joke around about kids needing to get their ass whooped, and yes, some of them do. However, not to the point that the kid will be traumatized, injured, or killed. I know certain demographics discipline their children the way they were disciplined. Basically a learned behavior of discipline that is repeated with each generation.

I got whooped plenty of times and sometimes I learned from it, other times, it just made me scared of my dad. Was he like that because he was being mean, or because that what my grandpa did to him or his brothers/sisters? With my daughter, I have already said that I will not raise a hand to her. Will I yell? Yeah probably, but I will not spank her. I want her to understand the reason why she is in trouble, not to be scared of her father.

This mom was charged with 2nd degree murder. I understand she did not intentionally mean to injure her daughter to the extent of her dying, but when your child is screaming for help, get off your fucking ass and check on them.

We are gathered here today, to get though this thing called life…

2016 is turning into the year of celebrity deaths.  Hearing about Prince’s death today was a surprise that was right up there with Kurt Cobain, Micheal Jackson and David Bowie.  Of course some will mention Lennon and Elvis, but I am only speaking of artist in my time.

Prince had 48 records, although about 10 of those were greatest hits.  I wasn’t a huge Prince fan but i did own three of his CD’s,  Purple Rain, Batman Soundtrack, and Diamonds and Pearl’s.  Of course he had other hits that i liked, but again I wasn’t a big enough fan to keep buying more CD’s.

The movie Purple Rain is right up there with Shawshank Redemption, if you are flipping through the channels and see that it’s on, it stays on.  The great thing about that movie is that it had one of the best soundtracks of all time.  I can only imagine how people felt seeing it in the movie theaters, you got to see a movie and basically a free concert.

The cool thing about him was how many damn songs he wrote for other artist, all while not including his name as the writer.  Nothing compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor, Manic Monday by Bangles, Stand back by Stevie Nicks, How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Alicia Keys just to name a few.  Lyrically the guy was a genius.

I heard about Prince’s death from my wife.  After she told me, the first thing I (along with probably hundreds of thousands of fans) was go to YouTube to jam out to his music.  The problem is though, Prince didn’t allow his music on YouTube. He was the Lars Ulrich before Lars.  Prince felt that since isn’t getting paid loyalties from YouTube, his music shouldn’t be on it.  So now I sit here typing this, listening to an older version of Purple Rain that someone just uploaded on YouTube.  People must think that just because he is now dead, that his estate wont continue to remove music lol   

The Goblin King is now joined by a Prince