Debates 2020

In just a few hours, President Trump and Joe Biden will be center stage for the 1st Presidential debate of 2020. As of right now, here are a few things we know. For starters, Trump wants Biden to take a drug test. I’m not really sure why and I honestly don’t care if he is taking something. Second, Biden’s staff has asked that there be small breaks throughout the debate. That’s not a very good sign of Biden’s stamina or lack thereof. Third, Trump has asked that Biden not be able to use a teleprompter or a “hearing aid”. This should be a no brainer. I want to hear answers that are in the moment, from the actual candidate, not someone speaking into Biden’s ear piece. This reminds me of the bs that Hilary pulled in 2016. She was given the questions prior to the debates and still had her ass handed to her. At least she was being sneaky about it I guess.

I’m not a fan of Biden, however I feel bad for the guy. He is being used and probably doesn’t even realize it. I think we can agree that Biden’s mind is not all there and watching him give his interviews is embarrassing. You have a guy who seems to be going through early onset dementia and the Democratic party is using him to gain power. And are we to believe that he personally picked Kamala Harris? His family should be ashamed. They are making this man look like an idiot who can’t even recite the Pledge of Allegiance and it’s not even his fault.

Now what? Well, now it’s a waiting game. Trump is going to go in on Biden and not pull back. I think Biden’s group is going to have to do a lot of damage control and break out the Covid card for the 2nd debates.


It’s 1:40am and I have 100 things going through my head.  These pain killers are making sleepy but my diabetes is giving me the shakes.  I screwed up tonight by having pancakes for dinner and a piece of lemon pie for dessert.

I have started to do my videos again like I used to.  It’s easier for me to talk in front of the camera and just let my mouth run then to sit here and let my fingers type.  I’m not sure if that makes sense…i’m starting to fall into lala land.

I watched the republican debate tonight and everyone is so full of hot air, it’s ridiculous.  I’m leaning towards Trump (yes, i’ve caught hell for that one), Rubio and Sanders.  Trump didn’t debate tonight, instead he held a rally for veterans while raising money for us.  He raised $6 million, which is awesome.  I laugh when i see Jeb Bush. I think America is tired of the Bush’s and it shows in the polls.  Ted Cruz looks like the kind of guy who would watch you eat a grape at the grocery store and not say shit till you, but would run to management to get you in trouble.  I can’t look at Ben Carson without thinking of SNL.

I had two of my teeth pulled 2 weeks ago and one of them became infected.  Pissed me off because last week i went in with pain and the dentist said it looked good.  Then on Monday it felt like i got punched so i went in and he said yeah, you have an infection.  No shit sherlock.

Can’t wait to go to Texas in a few months.  Seeing some old military friends is going to be awesome. I’m hoping that my wifey likes it out there.  Hell, its Texas, what’s there not to like?  My boy is the kennel master at Lackland so he’s going to escort us on the base.  Im so excited to show my wife where i stayed for basic and tech school.

I plan on doing a video in a day or two which is going to be in all out bitch fest.  Should be fun.


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