1.  S’mores frappaccino from starbucks is awesome. Although for a diabetic such as myself, it’s a headache in a cup.  I had an interview an hour ago, went fine.  Everything went well and seemed like an a great place except one thing, the pay. The location is a big plus though, only 2 minutes from where i live.

2.  Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather sucked.  Mayweather is a bitch.  He is not a fighter, he is a runner and a hugger.  You can not watch that fight and seriously give it to Floyd.  Manny was the aggressor while Floyd ran around the ring.  The guy is 48-0 and claims to be the best, even though Julio Cesar Chavez was 87-0.  Again, Manny is a bitch.

3.  I miss photography.  I think i miss editing photos more to be honest.  A friend of mine wants me to do her engagement pictures for her this July so that’s awesomesauce.

4.  Do you guys think people graduating with with a degree today are just as smart as those who did it before the internet?  I mean, you can basically find your entire class assignments with answers on the internet.

5.  My little niece, who is a wrestler, listens to DMX before her events to pump her up.  I gave her a ride home from school and we listened to DMX in the car.  Hearing a preteen sing DMX while trying not to say the cuss words is hilarious.  I told her you can sing the song right if you’re in the car with uncle robert.  Obviously, she needs to watch her mouth when in public though.


First things first…Cutler is a fkn idiot and needs to go. The Bears shouldn’t be this bad with all the good players on this team.

For some reason i think about death.  I mean, not really how I’ll die, but my funeral.  I guess it’s just planning ahead.  I’ve told my wife that I want to be cremated, with part of my ashes spread in alamogordo and the other part kept for her.  Of course though, she wasn’t going for it.  I then told her to have my ashes added to some tattoo ink and get a small tattoo in remembrance of me. Nope.  So then I said fk it, donate my body to the Body Farm.  The problem with that though is that is, it’s expensive to ship my ass from here to Tennessee.  I don’t really want a casket. I don’t see the point of paying all that money just to look good before you rot.  I’m going to get a military funeral since I’m a veteran and of course my wife will get the flag, but after that, just throw my body to the wolves.

The funny thing is, even though I don’t want an actual funeral, I do want music played.  I already have songs picked out.  1) I’ll fly with you by Gigi D’agostino 2)Broken Wings by Mister Mister 3) Father Figure by George Michael 4) My Way by Frank Sinatra 5)Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and 6) My Immortal by Evanescence 7)Slippin by DMX 8) Celebration by Cool and the Gang.  I know you’re probably thinking ..why?  Each one of these songs has a special meaning to me which i won’t get into right now.

I know it’s crazy, but I also told my wife that if I do have to have a true funeral, I want my tattoos cut off and put in a case with formaldehyde to be put on display.  Again, like the songs, each tattoo tells a story.  Now, you and I both know that my wife wouldn’t do that, but I still think that would be pretty cool.  Plus, I spent a lot of money on them, why not show them off in frames?

Did i mention how much Cutler sucks balls.

Veterans Day is coming up and I think that all veterans should get a mandatory paid day off on that day.  When I say veteran, I’m not talking about all military men or women.  Only those that have been TDY or who are out of the service.  If you’re in the military and haven’t left the states, then really you’re not a veteran of anything.  I know some won’t agree with that but hey..whatever.