Well, I went to the doctors last Monday to discuss some issues I’ve been having with my eyes.  For some reason, my vision seems to have gotten a little blurry, especially in my left eye.  The VA had me do some vision test and they took labs.  The eye exam consisted of a pressure test and pics of my eyes.  The pressure test read 26 for my left eye, with a normal reading being 20 or below.  The right eye pressure read at 21. I’m thinking damn, my eyes going to explode. lol  The VA didn’t think it was that big of a deal since the veins in my eyes look normal, so yeah I guess i’ll just have to look like the guy from Total Recall. download Now the awesome part, my labs.  My glucose read at 191 and it’s supposed to be between 65-100.  With that being what it is, my metformin is switched to 1000mg when it was 500mg twice a day.  The thing that got me though, was the comment section stated my diabetes has gotten a little worse.  WTF man?  I don’t drink soda anymore. I eat snacks, but not a ton.  My triglycerides are at 354 mg/dL, supposed to be less than 150.  This one doesn’t really surprise me though being that i weigh about 280.  Well, I guess it’s going to have to be the gym everyday now.  Honestly, the only thing about diabetes that scares me is the losing my sight.  That’s why I was worried about my vision.  I’ll go through the bullshit of losing my leg or feet, but my sight, hell no.

Change of subject…

When my uncle was still alive, we would go metal detecting.  Not as much as I would have liked to, but we were both working so we went when we could.  Anyways, what i’ve noticed when i’ve gone these past two years, I’ll catch myself talking to him.  Asking him where he would search.  He either doesn’t want to help, or he is giving me bad locations cause i haven’t found shit but a few coins.

anonymousA part of me hopes that Anonymous takes down the internet, cellphones and satellite for a few days. I would think that those of us who grew up in the age before cell phones, internet and satellite would be able to survive.  But after thinking about it, I think we are so intertwined in the web, that we wouldn’t be able to handle it either.  I say this because I think that the media is garbage.  Let’s look at the black vs white situation we have going on now.  White cops get attacked by blacks, shoot blacks for attacking them and now its the cops fault.  Yet, you have incidents were blacks are attacking whites and not a damn word is said.  No protest, no riots, no 24 hour CNN coverage.  If you’re going to cover the news, cover all of it.  Don’t make it a black vs white, white vs black thing.  Stop giving cops a bad name when it’s 1% of them that are screwing up.  Same can be said for blacks and other races, 1% can label the whole group.  One bad apple spoils the bunch. Its also hard to prove that the cops have it out for you when your dumb ass goes and shoots at them during a demonstration.  I say just take all the cops out of ferguson and let the citizens fend for themselves, they wont be able to bitch about anything if there are no cops.   I haven’t been shot by any cops lately, probably because I don’t go attacking them.  Just sayin.