Music to my ears…

First let me start by saying that I tried Tumblr’s blog and my god it was confusing. I’ll just stick to this.

Do you have a song that you can listen to non stop?  Do you have a song that can instantly put a smile on your face?  Do you have a song that as soon as you hear the first note, it brings a tear to your eye?  What about a song that you want played for your funeral?  Ok that last question is kind of weird but people choose their funeral song more often than you may think.

Non stop- 

  I’ll fly with you by Gigi D’Agostino.  This has to be one of my favorite songs.  It brings me right back to my days in the service.

Put a smile on my face- 

  Part time lover by Stevie Wonder. Something about this song just puts a smile on my face.  As soon as the first note hits, I remember visiting my mom in Arizona.

Brings a tear- 

 When my parents got divorced I remember my mom telling me that we’d be under the same bright star.

Funeral song (im dead serious on this pun intended)- 

 I’ve loved this damn song since i could first remember hearing it sampled by Jay Z.