ImageWell shit….yep that’s how I feel.  Today sucked ass.  Why?  I don’t know, it just did.  I did have fun with my wifey tonight since we went to see 22 Jump Street which was very funny.  I was able to talk to a past client yesterday.  Wont give her name, but she is a pretty cool chick.  She thanked me for helping her during her rehabilitation by being someone she could talk to.  She told me that I was one of the reasons she was now sober.  I told her that she did not need to thank me, she is sober cause she chooses to be, I can’t take credit for that.  Im tired right now, not just physically, but mentally.  I complain about my back and how the VA sucks ass, but then I take a step back and think about all my “brothers and sisters” who are coming back from the war missing limbs or are mentally unfit to return to civilian life and realize that someone will always have it worse than you.  I hate the Midwest with a passion. This is probably a safe place cause I know terrorist wouldn’t waste a bomb on this shit hole.  I want to move to TX but my family is here. Every time I think of moving I start to think about my dad.  We wouldn’t be able to go to Hawk games like we do now if I moved. Then again, he and my mom would be able to come visit in awesome weather in TX when it snows here.  Plus I have all my little nieces and nephews that I want to see grow up.  I’m the oldest child so I didn’t have any other kids to play with like they do.  Nope it was just me until my sisters Jamie and Kali came along.  


This morning I went with my dad to “play” golf.  He took it back to 1986 and spanked my ass.  That’s ok though, I’ll get better.  Just wish I hadn’t waited till I was 35 to try to start.  Anyways, A friend of mind lost her sister last night to a car accident.  I really feel bad for her even though I haven’t seen her in about 11 years.  She is a military friend, and the thing with military friends is that you will have them till the day you die.  I have about 6 people that I was stationed with that I still talk to.  I can call any of them up and it would be as if we just talked a week ago.  I told my cousin whom just join the Marines, that he needs to take it all in and the friends he makes today will be in his life 20 years from now, god willing of course.  Still no job yet, which is why I am sitting here in Starbucks.  Sucks…really sucks.  I do have an interview tomorrow though at a disability center.  I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch so we’ll just see how it goes.