Hawkoooo So the other day, my dad and I went to the season home opener for the Chicago Blackhawks.  As I posted prior, I was going to wear my Hawks mask and pancho to the game.  Well the mission was a success.  I was at the red carpet ceremony with people asking to take pics with me.  I wore it during the pregame and ended up on TV.  Throughout the night, people kept coming up to be for pics.  At the end of the game though some dumbass drunk chick came up to me and growled. I was like…wtf are you doing? lol

Of course Im at Starbucks, which is where I usually come to write these post. It’s actually dead for a Monday night.  Granted it’s only 5:20 so I assume people will start to come in from work.  I don’t only come here for Things on My Mind, but also to do school papers.  I get too distracted at home and figured, I can’t look up goofy shit at Starbucks.

You know how there are some things that you just think can’t be played using the race card?  Well our good friend Jesse Jackson has found a way to flip that race card over.  Jesse is that friend who sees you yawning and saying how tired you are, but still doesn’t get that it’s time to go.  He is a disease worse than ebola.  This dumb shit is trying to play the race card due to the role of the hospital in the death of the US first infected Ebola person, Thomas Eric Duncan.  I can’t understand how people today can follow this man’s lead?  He and Al Sharpton need to buy a one way ticket on Malaysia Airline.

How do we stop this dangerous disease?  How about stay the fuck out of Africa!  It’s like freelance journalist who travel to the Middle East and then their families get made at the US when their heads get cut off.  Stay the fuck out of the Middle East.

The dumbshit award doesn’t just go to Jesse Jackson, I’ve got a shiny award ready for President Obama.  Yes, I voted for him twice so I could probably be in the running for that award too, at least i admit it.  Why..or better yet how does he expect 3900 of our troops to be able to go to Liberia and help fight Ebola?  This makes no goddamn sense.  You know who can’t chop my head off…Ebola. Go after ISIS you fucking tool.

I took my nephew to see his first WWE show a few weeks back.  It wasn’t raw or smackdown but a house show which sucks but he didn’t care, he just got to see his favorite wrestler john cena.  It was cool taking him to it because it kind of made me see what it were to feel like if I was able to have a kid.  I remember my dad taking me to my first wrestling event and how excited I was to see Hulk Hogan.  It’s funny to me because that was damn near 30 years ago. Growing up a wrestling fan and seeing Hogan, warrior, Jake the snake, British Bulldog, etc, it was so cool seeing my “heros” in person.   Now here I am, buying my nephew an autographed Cena picture and a Hustle Loyalty and Respect foam hand.  Seeing his face when his hero John Cena came out, was priceless.  I can only think that it was the same feeling my dad had when he saw me look at Hogan for the first time in person.  As a wrestling fan today, I hate John Cena the character, but respect Cena the person for all he does for kids.  It sucks now that I’m older seeing my “heros” pass away at such a young age.  Look at Warrior, only 54 when he died.  Of course the wrestlers I grew up were part of the steroids and drugs period. When Eddie Guerrero passed, it was due to a heart attack, but wrestling fans knew that his heart was weak from drugs.  Back to my nephew, I’m glad he enjoyed it as much as i did seeing his excitement.

PS…Cena you owe me $30.


Team USA lost yesterday to Belgium 2-1.  It was a great game even though the US had an opportunity to win it with like 10 sec left in regulations and then in extra time they had like 3 chances to just tap it in. It’s awesome seeing all the soccer fans out there, some new and some old.  I find it funny though that on social media you have people down talking soccer or saying how its not a real sport. Yet, they took the time to post on an article that deals with soccer.  Come on, you are making yourself look stupid.  Perfect example of this is Ann Coulter… “I promise you: No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer. One can only hope that, in addition to learning English, these new Americans will drop their soccer fetish with time.”  What a dumb bitch.  She is a troll and unfortunately she has fans.  Switching gears, she is not the only one that is a troll.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are right up there on that list.  These two are the biggest race baters we have right now.  I’ll use Trayvon Martin as an example.  Jesse wanted Zimmerman’s head on a platter.  Jesse saw the opportunity to continue his racist rants and ran with it.  But what about black on black crime?  Where is his hypocritical ass on that? 49% of murder victims are black men. 93% of those are killed by other blacks. (Shapiro, Breitbart News)  I don’t get how he can scream bloody murder when a white kills a black but goes back into hiding when a black kills one of their own.  As you probably can tell I don’t use African American or Caucasian, sorry I grew up in the 80s and 90s before everyone was butthurt.  Speaking of being butthurt…the United States is becoming a bitch.  For those over 25 do you remember the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”?  What the hell happened to that?  Why does every child in sports need to get an award?  Why do we baby this kids so damn much now that if someone makes fun of them, they end up shooting up their school or killing themselves?  What happened to discipline?  Who did we, as generation Y who got disciplined from the neighbor if we were bad, end up raising children with no discipline and an “all about me” attitude?  Okay, I think I’m done.