Its funny how I can remember a song lyric from 25 years ago..as I’m singing father figure by George Micheal, yet I can’t remember a damn password for a log in that I just created two days ago.

1471400_10152885691579326_3214522366375465497_n I bought myself a new toy last week. Do I know how to play it? No.  Do I have the patience to learn? Hell no.  Why did I buy it?  No fkn clue.  I think it’s more therapeutic than anything. You get to hit something and make sounds.  Laugh if you want, but the shit works.

I’ve had vertigo for the past few weeks.  Thankfully off and on and not everyday.  I have to give it to those who suffer from it everyday.  It’s like having a really bad hangover. I wish there was a pill I could take to stop the damn room from spinning.  Normally when you’re not feeling well, you can lay down, but damn, as soon as you close your eyes, the spinning sensation comes to play.

I was watching a video about these people who waited in line at a Houston mall for the new Jordan shoes to be released. There was reports of fighting and shots fired, all over a shoe that bares the name of a man that could give two shits about you.  Seriously, I could do is laugh. This young generation is so materialistic that it’s sad.  I bet if footlocker were to attach a job application to the box, that line would be cut in half.  Of course that’s just ignorant of me to say, I’m sure that those in line took the day off from work to get these must have shoes …but who am I kidding?

The one thing I’m grateful for growing up was that my parents didn’t make it about brand names.  I remember I wanted those damn Reebok Pumps so bad and my dad bought me Hoops instead which were a generic type of Pumps.  Boy was I mad…if I could have said “what the fuck” when I was 10, I probably would have.  But now that I’m older, I have to laugh about it.  There is no way in hell that I’m paying $100 for brand named shoes for my nieces and nephews. Shit I won’t even spend that on a pair of shoes for myself now.  If their parents want to spend that on them, so be it, it’s their money.  But uncle Robert just can’t do it. lol

I got talked to at work about the way that I handled a student who was getting mouthy with the teacher.  A coworker of mine went to the principle (our boss) and told her that i threw a kid into one of the rooms and held him against the wall.  Thankfully, I had three other people there to witness what actually happened. I was not mad that the coworker went and said something, it just shows she is caring for the well being of the student.  What I was pissed about was she didn’t come to me about it or go to the assistant principle who is technically our supervisor (chain of command).  I’m a confrontational kind of person.  If you mess up or I think you messed up, I’m going to you. I know that not all people are like that, oh well.


Here’s an old post from July of 2012 that i had on my other blog.

July 9, 2012 by rgonzalesjr
Downloading is not killing the movie and music industry, Viacom, record labels and studios did. Viacom owns/operates 150 stations which includes MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2,BET, etc. Once they stopped playing music videos, people lost track of what was new and what they liked. You could turn on MTV in the 80’s and 90’s for the entire day and have a list of songs that you knew you were going to go out and buy. Now, you turn on MTV and you see this stupid crap I’m watching and dumb ass Teen Mom. As for the record labels, they let artist put out garbage now. Look at Dr. Dre’s Chronic. It is by far one of the greatest rap cd’s every made. Why? Because every song is good. Or we can look at Micheal Jackson’s Thriller album. 80 consecutive weeks on the charts, 37 of those at #1. Every song on that album is a class. Now look at current cd’s. Maybe 14 tracks, with 5 of them being just the artist talking. That leaves 11 songs, where maybe 4 of them are good. Why pay 9.99 for 14 tracks when only 4 of them are decent? For the record labels to say that downloading is making them lose money is b.s. If that was the case, tape recorders, cd burners would be illegal. Whats the difference between me recording a song from the radio and me downloading a song from the pirate bay? Not a damn thing. Radio stations pay a licensing fee to those music labels so they can broadcast the songs. So either way, the companies are getting paid. As for movie studios complaining about people downloading movies, here is a thought…lower the price of tickets. Most of us have a second run movie theater in the area. Why can they charge only $5 which usually includes a small pop and small popcorn? Yet, when I see a movie as soon as it comes out, I’m going to pay about $80-$100 bucks for a family of 4. One way studios can offset the money they are losing is to offer the first run movies on PPV or Netflix. I think families would pay to watch first run movies at home. Honestly, the $80 bucks I would spend at the theater, I would use to order the movies. Movie studios would still get their money and we wouldn’t have to pack the entire family into a car. Just sayin….