Things on My Mind 7.31.17

Here are my top three TOMM in no particular order.

  1. Stupid is as stupid does.

“Surveillance video shows border protection officers encourage teen to sip liquid meth solution that killed him”-NYDAILYNEWS.    What kind of bullshit is this?  The border protection officers encouragement didn’t lead to his death, his own dumb ass choices did.  This kid knew exactly what was in those bottles.  He got caught up in a situation where he was trying to pull a fast one on the officers and that shit backfired.  If I’m going to carry liquid meth across the border and an agent tells me to drink some to prove it’s not drugs, best believe my monkey ass ain’t drinking that shit.  Fuck this dumb ass guy.

2) Hmm..I wonder what the difference between these two are?

1969 Biafra, Nov. 1969

Medical clinic in Mabaitoti - Owerri.

The picture on the left is of Charlie Gard who’s family was in the news for the past few months. He had a rare illness called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.  This disease weakens the bodies tissues and brain function.  This issue here is that the doctors working on Charlie informed his parents that he should be taken off life support. They disagreed and asked to try an experimental drug on him that would reverse the illness.  Close to 490,000 people signed a petition asking that he be allowed to travel to the US for treatment.  The UK courts said nope and that’s when the US stepped in and gave Charlie citizenship so he could travel to the US without approval from the UK.  A Dr from the US came in and tried to convince the UK courts that he could help Charlie. While waiting for an answer, the family gave up and just decided to have Charlie come home and die in hospice. The hospital in all its glory said sorry, his ventilator wont fit through the door.   Well, a little to late as Charlie died a week before his birthday.

So 490,000 people came together to try to get this kid to the US.  Funny, I didn’t see a petition going around for the kids on the right. I guess my question is, why is it ok to help one but not all?  Why don’t these kids get the same news coverage as Charlie?  And no, watching Sally Struthers at 2am talk about .35c a day doesn’t count.

3) Transgender ban in the military.

If you’re willing to put your life on the line for our country, more power to you, been there done that.  However…  I personally agree with the ban.  Am I against transgender people?  No.  I just think that right now there are too many variables that the military would have to deal with.  First, going TDY.  If i present as a male today and am in an all male dorm/tent, then present as a female tomorrow, do I stay in the all male tent or does the unit officer go through the hassle of doing the paper work to move me to an all female tent/dorm? So now I’m in an all female tent, preop with a dick.  There’s 12 females in this tent with you who don’t see you as transgender, they only see you as having a dick.

Second, service members have to be  held to the same physical fitness standards of that of a male/female, not of the gender the person identifies with. Again, I’m a transgender female who is 67 inches, weighing 170 lbs, 4 lbs over the max limit. Now I present as a male whose weight limit for my age and height are 176 lbs, putting me under the limit by 6 lbs. How is that fair?

Third, it used to be that you went into the service to get free college, now you go in to get sex reassignment surgery or therapy.  The issue here is that the military has to meet a quote on how many male/females join. If you’re a male today, female tomorrow, it kind of fucks numbers up.  Also, tax payers aren’t going to be happy that their tax dollars are going to giving or taking away a penis.

Forth, you can not be combat ready if you rely on taking hormone treatments.  You can’t be in a war zone for 6 months and skip treatments, it wouldn’t be healthy and may do damage.

What about Kristin Beck? She was a part of Seal Team 6 and is transgender.  True, but she also transitioned when she got out of the military , so her argument with Trump and this ban holds no merit.


Here’s an idea, lets shoot a cop to prove a point!

Do you see how fucking dumb that title sounds?  Is their police brutality?  Yes.  Are their police officer that shouldn’t be officers? Yes.  Are their police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect their community? Yes.  Are their police officers who might use judgement against one demographic vs another? Yes.  We all do, and if you say you don’t, then you’re a goddamn lair.

Here’s the issue that I’m having right now.  My father is a retired deputy, my uncles are officers, I was law enforcement in the military. So I tend to side with law enforcement when the news or public wants to blame officers for using excessive force. Just a day ago, a person named  Alton Sterling was shot by police as they held him down.  One officer screamed that he had a gun. The officer then pulled out his weapon and shot Alton.

So who was at fault?  The two officers or Alton with a gun in his pocket?  Part of me wants to say Alton because all he had to do was comply.  Now this is where some of you will say “So it’s ok to get killed when all you’re doing is selling CDs?”  No, but the officers were called to the scene because someone else felt their life was in danger. Now the other part of me says well damn, you mean to tell me two officers on top of a guy can’t get control of this situation?  Why not use a tazer, some will say.  Reports showed that a tazer was used, but ineffective.

On to Philando Castile who was shot yesterday in his car with his girlfriend and child.

If we listen to the girlfriend, I absolutely believe she is telling the truth.  Although, there is no footage of the actual shooting, when she is recounting the events that led up to the shooting, the officer does not try to challenge the statement. So who’s at fault. As I stated, I don’t know what happened prior to the video, but I have to believe the girlfriend on this one.  I think that the officer may have told the suspect to get his ID and when he did, perhaps the officer then saw the weapon on his hip (guessing that’s where the weapon was) and felt he was in danger and shot him.

This leads me to tonight and Dallas TX.  Four officers were killed  and I think it was 11 injured during a “peaceful” protest.  Having a protest about police brutality and then shooting/killing officers that are there is counterproductive. At the time of this post (11:50pm) the two suspects who did the shootings were still on the lose.  Are they black? Are they white?  Hell, are they purple?

When an officer shoots/kills someone, they are put on administrative leave.  During this time, the powers that be will look over all the evidence and make a decision on if the officer will be charged or not.  A majority of the time, the officer has two things going for him/her.  One, the union and two, the law.  Now, just as some of you asstards have posted on facebook that cops should start being killed, lets see how far that gets you. While you think killing a cop would be justified because you want to go by an eye for an eye, your dumb ass will be catching an attempted murder or murder charge. For what?  Not only have you ruined that officers family’s life, you have also ruined your own.

If you want to stop police brutality or better yet white cops shooting blacks, then why not install in children or young adults that they should become police officers when they grow up and try to help their own community?  With that being said, you and I both know that will not stop the problem today. Are all cops bad? Of course not.  Just as all blacks aren’t criminals. All whites aren’t racist. And all hispanics aren’t illegal.

There is a saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  Or in this case, the pen is mightier than the gun. Peacefully protest protest protest…until you are blue in the face if need be. A million voices together will ring out louder than a gunshot.   Killing a police officer will not bring back these two gentleman nor will it bring back anyone killed by police brutality. People have to start using their head instead of hiding behind a bullet…and that works both ways.


We interrupt this program….

Originally written in 2012, updated 2016.

I was driving past a group of school students today and it occurred to me how screwed up our society is.  Our generation (X)  is to blame..why?  Lets think about this.   18 years ago i graduated high school.  Our generation started the baggy pants hangin off our ass look.  We had the “gangster” movies, such as Menace to Society, Boyz  in the Hood, Colors, Reservoir Dogs, south central…etc.  NWA was saying ” Fuck the Police”  We heard Ice T scream ” Cop Killer”, who ironically played a cop on NBC.  Ice Cube was  preaching “I didn’t even have to use my A-K, Today was a good day”.  Now he stars in Disney movies. Tupac and Snoop said ” ain’t  nothin but a gangsta party”.  Tupac is dead and Snoop doesn’t really do much of anything.

Rap music hasn’t changed in the past 18 years….it’s the same shit just recycled.  You can rap about ass, titties, bitches and what not for only so long.  Music today is garbage.  Freddie Mercury wrote “Bohemian Rhapsody” by himself.  Then you look at “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce and it list Adidja Palmer, Beyoncé Knowles, David Taylor, Nick van de Wall, Shea Taylor,Terius Nash and Wesley Pentz as co-writers.  Why the hell does it take 7 people to write a 4 minute song?

When I was in Junior High, the internet was just getting started. Of course, not the internet of today.  No social media. No music downloads.  No buying things online.  If we needed to look up something for school we had to go to the library and get a book.  We didn’t have Google to answer every question for us.  Kids today wouldn’t know how to use an index, or what it’s like to use a paper bag as a book cover.

Those 9, 10, 11 year olds i saw today are carbon copies of who we were 18 years ago.  Only now it’s our fault they can’t write, read, or talk properly.  I know that i don’t always use proper English or that i might use slang in my writings,  but when i am around kids, i do try to use proper English.  When did our generation get lazy with raising kids?  Growing up, if someone’s mom came out yelling you knew damn well every one of us was going to get yelled at.  That’s not the case today though. The government has put the power in the kids hands, however some parents think their kids can do no wrong.  “Not my baby, he/she knows better”.  yada yada yada.  It’s like we want the schools to babysit the students but when it comes time for the schools to be the “parent” and discipline the students, all hell breaks loose.  We are seeing this now with the entitlement generation.  Instead of laughing at how the prior generations did things, they are trying to change our history so they don’t get offended.  Schools can’t give out Ds or Fs because it will make the kid feel stupid…no shit, that’s the point.  It’s letting you know you need to buckle down.  Can’t play tag at recess because you’re not suppose to touch someone without their permission.  All kids get an award in sports even if they lose, can’t ruin their self esteem. Just yesterday I read a story on how you are not supposed to make your child hug a family member if they don’t want to, because it sends them a message that it’s ok for someone to touch them even if they don’t like it.  Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.  If I see my nieces or nephews come in the house without giving my parents a kiss or hug hello,  I yell at them.   It’s called respecting your elders.

All we are doing is setting our kids up for failure when they reach society and realize they are stupid and they are not always going to get praised for coming in second.  These are the same kids who are going to end up shooting up people because they didn’t get their way and they can’t handle the pressure or rejection.

As for the current Entitlement generation, we need to stop allowing them to change history.  Here’s the thing though, we made them who they are. We gave in to them, when really a simple no would have worked.  Now you have a bunch of young adults who want everything for free or want things exactly how they want it, with no chance of a compromise.   This is one reason why Bernie Sanders is so popular with the youth.  They want free college and $15 minimum wage, and they don’t care that you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  They don’t understand that Peter is going to go broke one day because you sucked his wallet dry.

Our country was built on the strength of each generation learning from the prior’s mistakes, and building off of it.  That’s not the case anymore.  These kids today are going to be the ones that we are going to have to rely on to care for us when we become seniors.  To be honest, that’s scary.