Having my Dale Earnhardt Sr. moment.

Just as Earnhardt was so close to winning the Daytona 500 with only 3 laps to go before hitting a wall, I too have hit a wall. I’m in my last class for my Master’s and can’t get past this writer’s block.

I’m doing my paper on the connection of PTSD and Veteran suicide.  I have my usual writing supplies, a venti cool lime refresher from Starbucks and Ottmar Liebert’s “Waiting 4 the Stars 2 Fall” playing on continuous loop.  Ottmar Liebert is my go to guy for paper writing.  When I was younger, my dad bought his CD after hearing him on the Weather Channel.  How funny is that, getting music from the Weather Channel.

This song is beautiful.  What’s more awesome is how much is sounds like “Camilla” from Art of Noise.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be similar but I like it.

Well, I guess i’ll suck it up and just start typing some on this paper.