1.  S’mores frappaccino from starbucks is awesome. Although for a diabetic such as myself, it’s a headache in a cup.  I had an interview an hour ago, went fine.  Everything went well and seemed like an a great place except one thing, the pay. The location is a big plus though, only 2 minutes from where i live.

2.  Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather sucked.  Mayweather is a bitch.  He is not a fighter, he is a runner and a hugger.  You can not watch that fight and seriously give it to Floyd.  Manny was the aggressor while Floyd ran around the ring.  The guy is 48-0 and claims to be the best, even though Julio Cesar Chavez was 87-0.  Again, Manny is a bitch.

3.  I miss photography.  I think i miss editing photos more to be honest.  A friend of mine wants me to do her engagement pictures for her this July so that’s awesomesauce.

4.  Do you guys think people graduating with with a degree today are just as smart as those who did it before the internet?  I mean, you can basically find your entire class assignments with answers on the internet.

5.  My little niece, who is a wrestler, listens to DMX before her events to pump her up.  I gave her a ride home from school and we listened to DMX in the car.  Hearing a preteen sing DMX while trying not to say the cuss words is hilarious.  I told her you can sing the song right if you’re in the car with uncle robert.  Obviously, she needs to watch her mouth when in public though.


Well, I had a job interview yesterday.  It was by far the hardest interview I have had.  I compared it to being in basic training and having the TI’s gang up on your during lunch, or as it is known in the Air Force, the Snake Pit.  The question’s weren’t very hard that they asked, but when a few of the interviewers  have put in 25+ years at this job, it’s kind of intimidating.  So, now i wait to see if it’s a go or not.  In the meantime, I’ll keep pushing out those applications.

I’ve stated before that I hate living in the Midwest.  I’ve lived here my entire life, with the exception of my time in the Air Force. For some reason though, I don’t consider it home. For me, the southwest is home.  People have asked me why I don’t just move there.  If it was only that easy.  My wifey has another year of school left for her bachelor’s, and I less than a year for my master’s.  Maybe, and that’s a BIG maybe, we’ll move on down there and give it a try for a year or two.  Of course, my main issue is family.  I know as soon as we were to get down there, someone here would get sick and we’d have to travel back.  My mother keeps wanting me to move to Missouri to be closer to her and my sister.  I’m like ma, that’s still the Midwest.

I did photography for a few years and miss it.  When i got hired on at CADS I sold all my equipment because being a supervisor and salary, I didn’t want to book a wedding or party then get called into work. My favorite part of photography was the editing and restoration of old pics. Here are a some of my pictures.   light2   1  h b d (3) IMG_3832 IMG_3871 mk 1-51 b3 d

img_0790 img_1250 img_8270 mama-yola-1 tony1before-and-after

111 1111

Yeah so, I sure do miss it.  I’d love to start up again, but two things are stopping me.  1) Photography is a very expensive job/hobby. 2) My wife says no.  lol  I understand where she is coming from though.  Camera’s, lighting, remotes, backdrops, website, props, extra lens’s and whatnot are not cheap.

Alright folks, back to these job apps.  And do me a favor, don’t steal my pics.

Wish I still had my camera.

One thing that I miss doing is taking pictures. I loved it, except it was a very expensive job/hobby. Some people said that I had a good eye for pics, I think they were just being nice. Besides photography I loved working with photoshop/lightroom and editing. Wish I still had my camera. Here are a few that I took.