Well, today was the first day back at work in 2 weeks.  The kids seemed excited about being back, some of the teachers including myself, could have used a few more days off.  The students really were not that bad today with the exception of one, but even then, he just threw a fit more then anything.  Again, I have to remind myself that these kids are here because of behavioral issues and they are not going to change overnight.  Today though was the first time I called a student’s parent about his behavior.  It’s upsetting when you call a parent and they respond the same way the child would.  These kids are truly a product of their environment.  I have two students who I am going to miss the most whenever I decide to leave.  The one thinks she is a gangster, when really, she is smart but being smart isn’t cool in her “hood”.  The other kid was without a father figure for his entire life due to his dad being in prison.  His dad is out now and instead of trying to be a dad, he is trying to be the young boys friend.  This puts stress on mom.  She has acted as mother and father, being the disciplinary and the comfort.  Now dad is in the picture and wants to be the friend, this kid would of course rather listen to dad.  For some reason though, the mom as told me that my student comes home talking about me and how he respects and likes me.  It’s kind of funny because when I normally yell at someone all the time, they end up not liking me. Maybe he just likes the feeling that someone cares..then again, most of these kids probably feel the same.

I’m not at Starbucks writing this which is a change.  I’m at home waiting for my wifey to get here. The weather sucks…and she just walked in. 🙂  So yeah, the weather sucks and we are supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow.  I fkn hate snow.

I wish I could will the lottery.  I don’t even need to when $5 million, just like $500,000.  I know some people say mo money mo problems, but damn, mo money mo bills being paid. lol  I hate living paycheck to paycheck but hey, at least I’m getting a paycheck.  If I won $5 million, what would I do?  My wife and i have talked over this scenario many a times, even though we know the shit aint going to happen.  We would give our siblings a small chunk of change, probably like $20 grand each.  I’d make sure my nieces and nephews had a little for a graduation present.  Buy my parents and wifey’s parents new cars.  Then probably just put the rest in a CD or something.  Really when you think about it, $5 million is not a lot, but it is 5 million more than what i have now.


Here’s an old post from July of 2012 that i had on my other blog.

July 9, 2012 by rgonzalesjr
Downloading is not killing the movie and music industry, Viacom, record labels and studios did. Viacom owns/operates 150 stations which includes MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2,BET, etc. Once they stopped playing music videos, people lost track of what was new and what they liked. You could turn on MTV in the 80’s and 90’s for the entire day and have a list of songs that you knew you were going to go out and buy. Now, you turn on MTV and you see this stupid crap I’m watching and dumb ass Teen Mom. As for the record labels, they let artist put out garbage now. Look at Dr. Dre’s Chronic. It is by far one of the greatest rap cd’s every made. Why? Because every song is good. Or we can look at Micheal Jackson’s Thriller album. 80 consecutive weeks on the charts, 37 of those at #1. Every song on that album is a class. Now look at current cd’s. Maybe 14 tracks, with 5 of them being just the artist talking. That leaves 11 songs, where maybe 4 of them are good. Why pay 9.99 for 14 tracks when only 4 of them are decent? For the record labels to say that downloading is making them lose money is b.s. If that was the case, tape recorders, cd burners would be illegal. Whats the difference between me recording a song from the radio and me downloading a song from the pirate bay? Not a damn thing. Radio stations pay a licensing fee to those music labels so they can broadcast the songs. So either way, the companies are getting paid. As for movie studios complaining about people downloading movies, here is a thought…lower the price of tickets. Most of us have a second run movie theater in the area. Why can they charge only $5 which usually includes a small pop and small popcorn? Yet, when I see a movie as soon as it comes out, I’m going to pay about $80-$100 bucks for a family of 4. One way studios can offset the money they are losing is to offer the first run movies on PPV or Netflix. I think families would pay to watch first run movies at home. Honestly, the $80 bucks I would spend at the theater, I would use to order the movies. Movie studios would still get their money and we wouldn’t have to pack the entire family into a car. Just sayin….