Brussels Belgium 3/22/16

At Least 34 Dead, Over 170 Injured After Explosions at Airport and Metro Station.  During and after terrorist attacks, I usually hold my opinion about who I believe the suicide bombers were.  I don’t know why I hold my opinion, when usually my intuition is correct.

What i find interesting is that this attack happened just days after  Salah Abdeslam, who was part of the Nov. 13 Paris attack that killed 130 people, was captured alive.  Salah told the authorities that his cell had plans to attack Brussels.  Was this a retaliation for Salah being captured? Perhaps they did it now instead of later for fear that Salah would tell of their plans and spoil the attack?

I’ve stated before that I put the blame of all these attacks on G.W. Bush.  Ever since we “liberated” Iraq, the world has gone to shit.  Some of these countries need to be ruled by a dictator, diplomacy just won’t work.

Facebook, the land of keyboard warriors with law degrees.  The first thing I saw on facebook this morning were the attacks and people bitching that the Today Show interviewed Trump and not Hillary. If you don’t like Trump, that’s fine.  But the guy is probably going to be the Republican nominee, meaning that he may have a chance to be President. So why not get his take on the situation? It’s not like he can do shit now about it anyways.  As for Hillary, she declined to comment because there were not enough facts yet.  Here’s a fact for Hillary, people are dead and hurt due to a terrorist attack.  What more do you need to know?

I’m flying to Austin in a week and I’m already dreading the security check that is going to be upped because of this attack.  I will however not bitch about TSO, they’re just doing their jobs.

Where do we go from here?  Well, stopping ISIS is not as easy as just going in with ground troops.  Yeah, we can kill thousands of ISIS troops, but you can’t kill an ideology.  Trump had the right idea, we need to halt Muslims from being able to come in while we figured this crap out.  I’d even take it a step further and halt all non Americans from being able to come in to the United States.  I’m not trying to be a dick, but if you see a roach come through a hole in the wall, are you going to allow the possibility of other roaches to come in or are you going to call an exterminator and seal up that hole?